Anyone TTC in JULY? Looking for cycle buddies??
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Tammy276 - July 1

Hi everyone.. I'm on CD 9. YUCK!! I want to be further along so we can start ttc!!! I called my doc. on Friday, but she was not available. At least the nurse I talked to this time was very nice instead of just telling me there is nothing we can do, which is exactly what the last nurse said to me. This time she actually gave me hope, and said that she was going to have the doctor call me back on Monday so I could talk directly with her. Sounds good to me. What is everyones plans for the 4th of July? I think we are going to have mom babysit and head out to watch the fireworks. This weekend my mother-in-law is staying with us. I think I am going to need a drink or two when I am done working tonight!!LOL The woman drives me crazy!!! Well gotta go for now. I'll check in later.


Tammy276 - July 2

Rhonda, if linds99 decides to share that w/ us, that is up to her. Some people have abortions and later do want to plan on getting pregnant. I didn't mean to take their headline, and I am new to the infertility part of this site, so I did not know they had been going on for months, I just first hopped over here in mid june. Apology accepted. This site is supposed to be for woman to join in and relate to one another. It's kinda hard to do that when you don't feel welcome on someone elses thread.


Tammy276 - July 2

One more thing. The reason I started my own is so that if there were other woman out there who felt the same as I did (about not feeling that welcome on the other one cuz everyone seemed to know each other so well) they would have a place to come with a fresh start, and maybe we could all get to know each other and get a connection going. That's all.


Rhonda - July 2

Look Tammy,I am so very sorry,for what i said to you.I should have been nicer in the first place,thank you for accepting my apology.I wont be on here again,just wanna say,I hope you have luck with getting pregnant.It will happen"all things are possible for whoever has faith.


Kayanna - July 3

Hi Tammy276 and everyone else I also may be ttc concieve this month i started clomid last month and af isnt due until the 10th so im waiting and well waiting and Im definatly glad to have some other ladies who are ttc as well hopefully this will be a lucky thread and month. And thanks tammy I also didnt feel right jumping into the other thread cause its been continuing for a while not that theres anything wrong with that of course its just im new to this site and I dont want to feel out of place or like im interrupting sorry if this is too long. bunches of super strength bady dust to all


Kayanna - July 3

Its me again I figured i should probably tell you guys about myself. im 23 and have been ttc for 2 years. I had my first round of clomid last month cd 1-5 and im totally new to everything ive never charted temps but i plan to this month and ive never used opk's also going to use them this month as well. Sometimes ttc is more confusing and harder than my job. Moms should definately get a pay raise. anywho this really is it this time and baby dust to all


Tammy276 - July 3

Welcome Kayanna. I'm glad you feel the same as I did about not wanting to jump in. It's really hard to feel welcome when all the girls seem to know each other so well. I've tried jumping in a few times, but they all talk amongst each other, and I just felt like the oddball. I really don't care how many woman join this thread, as long as I have someone to talk to!! I am waiting for my doctor to call me back today so I can talk to her about possibly starting on clomid next month. (if we don't conceive this month)! Hopefully this will be our lucky month so I won't have to worry about it. So, you have started Clomid already are are waiting for AF to arrive this month? Any possibility that you are already pg? I found the opk's really hard to read sometimes, so I just went out and bought the monitor. That way I don't have to read the sticks myself, the monitor does all the work for me! I've never charted temps either...I heard that your temp doesn't rise until after you have already ovulated. So you have to temp for a couple of months to kind of learn your cycle so you know when you might be ovulating, and then the temping confirms ovulation. Sounds like too much work to me! Well, I'll check in later tonight. I have to get ready for work.


Sweetpea - July 4

Evening ladies-this was a hostile thread for a bit, I'm glad its back to normal. Kayanna-I'm due for AF on the 10th too! I did clomid this cycle. Tanny-I found that its good to tep while using the monitor, it isn't always acurate.


Tammy276 - July 4

Is there a special thermometer you have to use to temp? All I have is a regular digital. If there is, where do you find them and what is the best time to temp? Mornings or what? I know, this last cycle, my monitor didn't give me any high days of fertility. It went straight from low to peak, so I didn't have any warning that I was going to O so we didn't get a lot of bd'ing in. This month, I am just going to "guess" when I think I should ovulate, and start practicing like a week or two before that. It really sucks that the monitor isn't that accurate considering you pay so much for it, and then on top of it have to pay around $40 for a box of test sticks each month!! But I guess I'm not going to put a price on getting pregnant. Anything that will help me, I am willing to pay for!! Money is just an object. My doctor never called me back today, so I will have to call her on thurday. Obviously she won't be there tomorrow, and she doesn't work on Wednesdays.........So it will be a few days before I can talk with her. Maybe I should just make an appt. to talk with her so I don't have to worry about her calling me. They are always so busy, you never know when they will actually get back to you. Yes, this was a hostile environment for a while, but she apalogized, and I accepted, so it's all good. I'm just an emotional hormonal basketcase, and it was a bad day. She just added the icing on the cake. But like I said. It's over and done with. Well ladies, have a happy 4th. Don't know if I will get on here or not tomorrow. i have to work and then we are heading out to see the fireworks and going out for a few drinks, so we'll see. Have a good one!!!


kelley32 - July 4

Hi Tammy ... I used a regular digital thermometer. I got pg the first cycle that I charted my BBT, right after reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility ... I also took Robitussin that cycle, but I am not sure if it was just a coincidence or not. Are you just starting to do BBT?


Kayanna - July 4

Hello everyone. Tammy my first clomid cycle was last and Im really hesitant to get my hopes up for being pg already though it would be awesome. Sweetpea what days did you take clomid i was 1-5. hopefully af stays far far away from us both


Tammy276 - July 5

Hello everyone, how was everyones 4th? Mine was alright. A little bit of drama w/ one of my friends, but that is to be expected when people get drunk right? Well, I am now on CD 14 and started testing today w/ my monitor. O should be about 13 days away yet, but at least I know it's on the way!! Guess we'll be getting busy for the next few weeks. I like to start bd'ing a week or two before I think I am giong to O, just incase for some reason I O early....Then i am covered!! Last month we didn't cuz I wasn't feeling good, but this month I am going to make sure of it!! Maybe you got lucky and got pg on your first round of clomid.....Anything is possible right? I still have to get a hold of my doc....It sucks w/ it being the holiday week because they are so busy, and plus she doesnt' work on Weds., so I have to wait till tomorrow again.


Shauna - July 5

Hi ladies....I am another from the dreaded (OTHER THREAD) hee hee. I just saw that TAMMY was asking about temping and I have become quite the pro the last 2 mos. lol. TAMMY....yes you need a special thermometre, and you temp as soon as you wake up (before you move pretty much)... I bought my new thermometre on EBAY because it has a light so you don't have to turn on a light. It is really old one didn't keep the temp. either so I sometimes was not getting the temp. before it turned itself off. Mine new one is BD basal digital thermometre. It is mentioned in the Book I am reading...Taking Control Of Your Fertility (TCOYF) and it rocks. Hope this helps.


Sweetpea - July 6

My fourth went alright, pretty uneventful. Kayanna-I took clomid 3-7 (50mg) and ovulated on day 11. I don't ovulate on a regular basis on my own, so I was pretty excited for a normal chart for once. Do you have any symptoms, do you chart?


Sweetpea - July 6

Shauna-the other thread is definately not dreaded. Does your thermometer beep? I'm trying to find one that doesn't, and stores my last temp.


newmommy - July 6

Hi, girls! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I'm still taking the provera for a few more days, so I feel like I'm kind of in a holding pattern on the whole ttc process, just waiting for AF to finally be forced to show up. I'm frustrated--feeling like I'm not even in the process yet! Welcome to everyone who has joined in the last few days!!! I'm glad we're getting a little group together. I hope everyone had a great 4th. My DH and I went to watch fireworks with one of our pugs---she freaked out when they started, so we had to go home. Poor thing---I felt bad for her! Tammy---I have the same feelings as you on opk's and temping. I couldn't really read the opk's that well unless it was a huge negative, and temping seems like a lot of work just to find out you o'd after the fact. Sorry girls, call me lazy! That's exactly why I bought the Clearblue Easy monitor,too. And sorry your doc didn't call you today---that sucks when you're waiting for that call. Kelley 32----what's the secret with taking Robitussin when ttc? I think I heard that somewhere else, but don't know much about it. Lots of babydust to all us girls. It would be so great to get a BFP from one of the group already on our first month's thread!!!



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