Anyone TTC in April? looking for cycle buddies ...
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Katt - April 3

gotcha! but it seems this thread is moving along quite well too! Well cd 26 and my temps are stable at 97.7 which for now I can only and hopefully assume it is still "up" due to hypothyroidism. I have been having a milky/lotiony cm too, I will have to assume the same for now. Definitley having PMS symptoms so if my temps are up they should drop soon I'd think. Well happy we have a new thread. Time to share the ol' PC. Take care talk soon!! - April 3

hay katt and wannabamom glad u found us (((((hugs)))) welcome also to ciara, christien, and julia how r u all doing ? well im on c/d 5 and waithing for the big "O" again feeling a bit better (not so sick) took my 2nd pill of the day so will see if i feel sick again lol ... anyway ladies will look back in on u all in a while... hope ur all doing well


kelley32 - April 3

Hello all ... glad to see that so many have joined us here, and welcome to the new comers! :-) Well, not too much to report today, except that I've been pretty crabby today, am having PMS symptoms ... emotional, boobs hurt and having AF type cramps, but milder, which is strange considering I'm only at 5DPO. Wannabeamom, try not to worry too much about the Clomid, I'm sure your doc thinks that it's necessary, and I'm sure DH will be understanding towards the mood swings. Robyn-a big YAY for the egg, it must be neat to have an US and have someone tell you that you will O. Hope-you know that being extra tired is a major sign of pregnancy, with my daughter, I couldn't stay awake past 7pm in the first 1-3 months, but it's hard to tell for me these days because it seems that I'm always tired ... you know, that eye stinging tired. Jenzey, I'm really sorry to hear that none of your follicles matured ... maybe doc wants to see if any start to mature a bit late ... I'm not sure what metformin does, but I think it's pretty heavy duty ... I would definitely google it ... I'm still trying the old fashioned way, my doc wants us to keep trying on our own for a while longer, which is OK with me for now. Samantha - how exciting to have someone to share AF due date with .. I hope she stays away, but if I'm not sure for me, Iif I'm having AF symptoms already. Katt- glad to hear that you are happy with your temps, I hope mine will be back up tomorrow morning. AF due April 10 - STAY AWAY. Baby dust to all!! Will check in later ...XXOO


Maren - April 3

Oh my gosh, I worked all day and so much has happened. Just posted on TTC March, but will now move on over. I had pretty much counted myself out last week when I got a BFN, CM dried up and a low temp. But, now 3 days late so ?? have had some positive signs...but not tons. I am exhasted now but have been super busy at work. Could actually be stress that is keeping AF away. Anyhow, I will test Wednesday morning. - April 3

lol maren i just posted in march thread too see where u got to hahahah any way hun hope its not stress thats keeping it away (fingers crossed) kelley not glad to hear u might b having A/F symptoms hope it not hunny (((baby dust )))


wannabeamom - April 3

Julia, I have been ttc for 3 years 9 months. We finally went to get tests done 6 months ago. We found I am not ovulating all the time. I still think it is part DH sperm. We had a SA done and my doctor told him he is a champ. I don't fully believe that. After this cycle we will have to switch to an RE so I will request another. I just want a healthy baby. I am hoping this cycle. Not unlike any other month. Everyone must feel this way. Babydust!


LB - April 4

Hi ladies, i am hoping to concieve this month too, i just finished my clomid a few days ago and so hoping i will ovulate and i am waiting to get a positive on the opk and start bd like crazy, it's cd9 so i will start bd on day 12, i have never in my life o'd early so i hope that that i havn't missed my surge, although i took two already and they were negative, and cm is still only sticky, but i don't know if that is from the clomid, did your ladies cm change on clomid or did you still get the ewcm? thanks


ROBYN - April 4

Ok guys this really sucks I just got my "o" and I was called into work at 6:00pm to work till 6:00 in the morning. I work for a police dept and work midnites but everyone is sick so I had to come in. I guess to bd'g for me on a very important nite.


wannabeamom - April 4

Sorry to hear about having to work Robyn. I stopped working full time last May so I wouldn't have that issue. I used to have it a lot. Goodluck and babydust.


cecka - April 4

Hi everyone, am writing from Australia. today was the first day of taking my second course of clomid, first course last month wasn't successful, had level of 1, when it should be up around 25 :( This month am taking 100mg, fingers crossed will have some luck this time around.


kelley32 - April 4

Good Morning! My gosh, I'm freaking out over how many amazing ladies that we have in our group, you all sound like wonderful people and are all deserving of those BFP's. Well, am somewhat pleased with my temp going back up above coverline, but not by much ... I had horrible dreams last night about all my thermometers in the house being broken ...LOL! the mind is a funny thing sometimes. AF symptoms seem to have stopped, anyway, have never had them this early considering it's only CD22. The weather is rainy and miserable here in the great North today, even supposed to snow later on this aft ...EEEEEK! Thank goodness I didn't take off my winter tires yet, although DH did last week, so I'll be stressing about that later on. It's strange how I've been having these terrible mood swings lately, I'm not usually like that, it really bothers me ... but I guess it's normal considering. Maren, you must be freaking out ... I hope that you post right away after you test, I'm excited to hear if you get a BFP. Does anyone know how the doctors determine that you're not O'ing? i guess you have to go for tests for a few consecutive months, right? I can't tell from my charting if I even did, I didn't have that much of a thermal shift, even thought my temps are up about a degree from the first 2 weeks of my cycle, it has been really gradual. I just can't wait til next week to see what happens. Well, going to have a coffee now, I'll peek in at around lunchtime. BTW, welcome LB and cecka, glad you came!! XXOO - April 4

morning all how we all doing ? kelly keepin my fingers crossed for u and maren i dont think it matters that ur temp has only gone up slightly, good thing is thats it gone up ..... anyway didnt feel sick after my pill last night so i guess thats a good thing lol ..... well ladies ill cheack back in a bit later im off to do a bit of D.I.Y <<<< wish my luck :-)


Samantha - April 4

Kelly my doctor determined that I don't ovulate by doing a vaginal u/s while I was on Af and one mid cyce and then he had me on provera for two cycles to bring af and then I took femara on cd4-cd8. Maren I hope you get a BFP tomorrow morning Babydust to you all


wannabeamom - April 4

Kelly32, my doctor and I found I don't ovulate through progesterone testing cd 21 and opk's. He did an ultrasound and everything was fine. My HSG test was fine too. No blockage and everything looked good. My progesterone levels were very low. AF came every 28 days but still had low prog. levels. So even if I got prego, he said I most likely wouldn't be able to carry it for long. He may have done other bloodwork but I honestly don't remember. Hope that helped.


Christine - April 4

Been charting for a while now but just started with Great site for anyone looking. Kinda woried though. Dont think Ive been O'ing the last two cycles. Should I schedule an appointment with my doc or wait another cycle? Im on CD20 of my current cycle and thought I O'd last week but not positive. Anyone know of a good monitor? I currently have the saliva one but want another one. Well got to tend to my students will check in later.


kelley32 - April 4

Good Afternoon ... everyone sounds pretty chipper, which is nice to hear. Ladies, thanks for the info on not O'ing, I'll be checking my BBT closely to determine if I do or not, or perhaps I have the progesterone problem because of my low temps, who knows ... at least I'll be well prepared to see my doc with a few months of charting under my belt. Does anyone know what causes low progesterone, and if it can happen suddenly? I'll google it later on if I have time ... I just don't understand why I was able to conceive my daughter so quickly, and it's taking so long this time for #2, it's often on my mind. Christine, I would definitely schedule an appointement if you haven't O,d in 2 cycles, I heard that it's normal once in a while, but not 2 in row. going to get back to work now ... will check in tonight ...XXOO



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