Anyone TTC in April? looking for cycle buddies ...
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kelley32 - April 3

Well, good morning, hope everyone is doing well despite the fact that it"s Monday and we all lost an hour of sleep over the weekend, it was especially hard to wake this morning because it was dark at 5:30!! i hate this time of year for that. Well, I had a bit of a disappointment this morning, my temp was back down to below coverline at 97.5, I"m only 5DPO so I don"t think it"s implantation dip, anyway most of the reading I"ve done say it"s a myth anyway, although I have seen pregnancy charts with it occuring on 5DPO ... it"s funny how we try to talk ourselves into thinking that we might be pregnant, LOL. I really hope that my temp goes back up tomorrow, otherwise it may mean a progesterone problem or something ... oh the stress, why can"t I just relax and enjoy life? Sometimes I really hate this whole TTC stage of my life, it"s not fair that it can happen so quickly for some, and they don"t have to go through all this stress, they are just able to enjoy being pregnant ... and I"m so sick of people saying that the trying is the fun part!!! Will check in again later on ... hope that you all find your way, and that perhaps a few others will join us :-)


ROBYN - April 3

HI would like to join TTC i am CD12 just left the RE's office for my ultrasound and my level check and finished my first round clomid 50 mg on day 7. I also have PCOS. I was able to see some positive results of the Clomid this morning. My left actually has an egg that is ready for maturing. The right side had a lot of follicles not as good as the left. Uterus and lining all looked great. So will see what happens in the upcoming weeks.


Hope - April 3

Hi kelly32, I found you and the thread! :) I am soo sleepy this Monday morning. Kelly, I can not agree more with you, this 2ww is so painfully slow and killing. Everyday, my hope rises and falls back due to a slightest twinge in my body. It is cd26 for me today and 5dpo..yesterday I was so tired after just 10 minutes of cleaning at home, my DH felt too something going on. But then I try to reason out that maybe this is just the weather and I have just become lazy. Then I had to just go to sleep so earlier than our usual time and it felt as if i was in dream like state till i fell asleep..very weird. Then I had a very scary vivid dream and I had to wake DH up in middle of night. But this has happened earlier too so I can not count it as a sign or can I? :) I am just going mad I guess..I am not charting as you are..Are you feeling any thing different this cycle?What dpo are you on?..Take care everyone and keep posting..


JENZEY - April 3

I'm so upset....I went for my ultrasound this morning. I don't have any mature follicles so it looks like this month is hopeless. I was so upset at the dr.'s office I started to cry, I couldn't help it. I don't understand...last month my 1st cycle 50 mg. I had a mature follicle & ovulated. I just don't think we bd enough. This month the dose was increased to 100mg. & nothing. The dr. told me to come back next monday for another ultrasound. What's the point? I'm sorry for my negativity but I am so upset. I feel like I lost out last month & now this month I'm not even going to get the chance to make up for it. The doctor also gave me a prescription for metforim. The doctor talked to me a little while after the ultrasound about the metformin but I don't even remember what he said because I was so upset that I'm not going to O this month. Can anyone tell me what the metformin does. And why they want to do another ultrasound? I was suppose to O this thursday, so what's the point of the ultrasound next week? Thanks for letting me vent. Babydust to everyone*~*~*~*~


ROBYN - April 3

You responded to one of my posts the other day and you gave me information on what to expect after the 1st round of Clomid. I am sorry you didnt have good news today. You say whats the point.. There is a point the outcome you will get will be well worth all the misery you are going thru now. Hey its not easy for any of us. I try not to obssess about it. I do have a 7 yoa son from a previous marriage and he keeps me busy. Between working, buidling a new house and getting married in a month plus now the whole infertility issue. I just take one day at a time. Dont worry it will all work out. - April 3

ahhhhhhhhhhh found u lol ....... kelley hun u sound as if ur not havein the best of days !! i know how u feel but what can we do !! other than try to keep r stress levels down xxx hear for u if u need to let off steam ((((baby dust )))) wonder if we will get lucky this month ?


Samantha - April 3

I found you guys I was worried for a minute. I hope everyone Had a great weekend. Kelly I think you and I r due on the same day for AF to come but hopefull she stays away this month from both of us, Hope you never know this might be a good sign for you :-) .


Hope - April 3

Welcome ROBYN and JENZEY and welcome back Samantha. I am sorry Kelly32, I just read your post again and saw that you have already mentioned that you are 5dpo and that is same as me! I guess I was really sleepy in Hey, Samnatha, you, Kelly32 and me are in same boat, lets pray together!! I hope this is OUR month!!


ciara - April 3

hi i'm new to this site. am trying as well this month, my AF is due middle of this month so i'm keeping my fingers crossed for the next two weeks and for all of you too! - April 3

((((hope ))))) (((samantha)))) u found us ... welcome ROBYN and JENZEY nice to see some new faces ... well ladies im on day 4 on ovulex and been feeling a bit sick im not sure if thats down to ovulex as i was feel this way a day or b4 i started taking them (guess ill wait n see if it settles down )


wannabeamom - April 3

Hi all! The new thread is a great idea. Sorry to hear some are having bad days. I think I had one yesterday, but I kept myself occupied. Well this is cd 2. I got a call from my Dr. and He is upping my Clomid to 150mg and taking it days 4-8. I am little scared of 150mg. I had such beaslty mood swings when they upped it fromm 50mg to 100mg. This should be interesting at the very least. Kelly32, trying is the fun part, when you aren't trying! LOL! I hope everyone's day gets better. Have a great night!


Christine - April 3

Hi. Im new to this site and also trying this month. It has been four long months of trying and getting depressed when it doesn't happen. I have preg women all around and sometimes I feel as if Im the only one who is missing out on the joys of preg. I have been charting for what seems like forever and Im glad to finally find some people who are in the same boat. My mind is clowded with fears and AF is due nxt week so Im praying that I can finally bring a little one of my own into the world. GL to you all.


julia - April 3

Hi dear girls! Would you mind me joining you. I've been ttc for over a year. I am 32 year old and my dh is 49. Today is my cd 13 and I am waiting to ovulate. Talk to you soon. BABY DUST!!!


wannabeamom - April 3

Julia I have a similiar situation. I am 33 and DH is 45. Welcome to the thread :-D.


Samantha - April 3

Welcome Robyn, Jenzy and Ciara.
Hope I guess me, you and kelly will be testing next week , I have to go to the doctor's and get a blood test if af does not come by the 10th so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am trying to stay calm and not get too worked up about because I do not want to be disappointed so I am not doing any testing or anything at all. When is af due for you Kelly and hope? babydust to you all


julia - April 3

Hi wannabemom!!! How long have you been ttc? BABY DUST!!!


Katt - April 3

gotcha! but it seems this thread is moving along quite well too! Well cd 26 and my temps are stable at 97.7 which for now I can only and hopefully assume it is still "up" due to hypothyroidism. I have been having a milky/lotiony cm too, I will have to assume the same for now. Definitley having PMS symptoms so if my temps are up they should drop soon I'd think. Well happy we have a new thread. Time to share the ol' PC. Take care talk soon!!



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