Anyone ttc from Australia?
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cantwait - June 21

I can't find any good Aussie TTC websites or forums, anyone else out there? I'm in Perth and would love to have someone to wait with. We've been ttc for 8 months, I'm 29, DH is 28.


brellen - June 22

hi im from bunbury WA i have been ttc for 18 months im 24 dh 24, i did my first clomid cycle in may no success just finished my second cyle just waitin for test results but dont think it worked so im going onto injectables its good to see some one else ttc so close. are you on any meds,


cantwait - June 23

Hi Brellen. I'm in Ashby, NOR Perth. I'm not on any meds, just natural stuff like PCIP and magnesium. Hey I did find a forum with heaps of WA ladies on there at I really hope you have some success this cycle, it gets so stressful. We've only been ttc for 8 months, but during that time we've had so much going on so it didn't seem like that long but now we look back it's been really hard. We were actually thinking of moving to Bunbury. When do you get your results back? Good luck!


brellen - June 24

i had my blood test done on the 22 june wont find out till neat thurs its a bit of a wait, last month my progreterone was only 4.7 which is very low. it sucks.



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