Anyone TTC and Found Out They a Hormonal Cyst(s)?
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chele - October 27

Hi! I have been ttc for 14 mths now but only 6 were medicated (Clomid, Estrogen, Progesterone). Last month I did my 1st back-to-back IUIs w/ my OBGYN and got a bfn. 1st visit w/ an RE was Monday, yesterday I went to do all the blood work and U/S and found out that I had 4 cycsts. 1 small 2 med and 1 large! Doctors office called back and said they seem to be hormonal cysts and that we will have to skip this month and hope they are gone for the next cycle. Has anyone had this happen to them? Did they go away on their own? Anyone have problems due to these? Little worried, any info would be appreciated! Thx


linds99 - October 27

You likely have left over follicles, they just call them cysts because they are eggs that outstay their welcome. Generally, they occur with Clomid cycles often, but some women just get them without meds too. You probably generated several lead follicles in the cycle and didn't release these guys and they continued to be luteinized and grow. They will go away in about 2-4 weeks, a whole cycle. Try staying away from caffeine products to get the cysts to go away faster. Good luck (this happened to me my second cycle after clomid. I got 3 cysts, 21, 32 mm, 17 mm, These guys were estrogen producing cysts, so I remember my temps were real low the whole cycle (my break cycle). But I did ovulate that cycle too, just didn't get pregnant.


chele - October 27

linds99, Hi. Now that you mention it, that was the number of follicles that showed up on the u/s prior to doing the trigger shot and on the same sizes.... I'm a little frusturated because my OBGYN had me on the estrogen and progesterone and I'm wondering if it hindered my chances that time. Well nothing I can do now except move on I guess. I hope you are correct when you say they will disappear in 2-4 weeks, so I can do IUIs in December! My larges was 34mm and the 2 others were 16 & 14mm. My temps were high but it was most likely due to the progesterone. Thanks for the info. So if I may ask, what phase of TTC are you in? Did the cysts that you mentioned ever come back?



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