Anyone TTC after abortion couple years ago? Please help
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kristina1980 - August 11

Hi, I am almost 26. I had abortion over 2.5 years ago. Non-surgical (just medication). everything went well, was on BC, stopped BC in april 06 and TTC since then. My cycles are pretty regular 28-30 days. I started OPK's in July and got positive OPK around CD 15 &16. We didn't do much bd'ing cause to much stress and work. But we are ready to have a baby. However it doesn't come as easy as we thought. Anyone experiencing similar situation.??? ( I hope I didn't offend anyone with my previous experience. I know this site is about having babies not killing them. I regret it, and cry everytime AF shows up. But can't change what I've done and have to live with it)


thayward7 - August 12

I have not had a similar situation, but I wanted to send you positive wishes. I hope it all works out! Smiles...
- T


Tracy88 - August 12

Kristina, I had an abortion when I was 26. I won't go into the reasons why, just because the reasons we have for doing such a thing are very personal. I will tell you however, that I am 36 and have not been PG since. I always asked my doctors if they could have messed things up in there and they always replied that it is not likely. Still I worried. Then a month ago I had exploratory laparoscopic surgery and the doctor found no indication of it having caused damage of any kind. All I can tell you is that you just need to keep trying, and you seem to be on the right track. Just make sure you do the OPK's and get some nookie done before you even ovulate. Obviously it's not always that easy, because if it were I would be PG by now, but if in another 8 months nothing has happened, see a fertility specialist. You are like me in the sense that you know you can get PG, so that's a positive. Do you have health insurance and see an Ob/Gyn? I'm thinking maybe you could get some preliminary bloodwork done for the time being. Nobody really wants to start testing for things on a 26 year old until they've been trying for at least a year. My opinion is that you should get your thyroid, hormones, and insulin levels checked for now and read all you can about your body. Go to every website known and read. Knowledge has gotten me through the doctors visits and in charge of my own body. A book that every woman recommends is called, Taking Charge of Your Fertility". Good luck.


kristina1980 - August 12

Hi, Thank you so much for the support. I know we have been trying only for 4 months but it is still frustrating. I am going to Europe in 2 days for 3 weeks vacation, where my home is, and see my doctor and find out if I am healthy and all the other stuff. Doctors here, at least in Planned Parenthood know my situation, and my past, and think that I am perfectly fine, just to be patient. My boyfriend is not the youngest and he is going to get some tests done as well.
Tracy are you on any fertility treatment if you don't mind asking me?
anyway, thanks again.


Tracy88 - August 12

Kristina, I have done three cycles of clomid which obviously didn't work, I also had the HSG test to see if my tubes are open (they are), I had the post coital test to see if I was killing my husband's sperm (I'm not), then I moved to a specialist and just had laparoscopic surgery. During the surgery the doctor discovered moderate endometriosis, cysts on my fallopian tubes, adhesions holding my ovaries down, polypoid tissue in my uterus, a lot of extra tissue just sitting in my uterus, and a fibroid tumor. He took crae of everything while he was in there, and for this cycle he monitored me to see how my body worked on it's own. I am about a week away from getting my period (if not pregnant) and will start injectable hormones if I do get it. I have been actively trying to conceive for two years now. I had a feeling something was not right since I was with my ex for 4 years and never ended pregnant accidentally. The doc says that now that he has gotten everything out there should be no reason for me not to get pregnant. I'm really over this though, and not sure how many more months of heartbreak I can take. Where in Europe are you from? Have a great vacation! My mom is from Finland, and she just got back from a two week vacation there. I wanted to go but was being monitored by the doctor so I didn't want to sacrifice yet another month by leaving.


Tammy276 - August 12

You have only been trying for 4 months, don't get discouraged, it takes the average healthy couple at least 5 months, sometimes up to a year to conceive...I know it is frustrating, but your time will come. My sister had an abortion 9 years ago, and her and her husband now have a healthy 1 year friend had an abortion 3 years ago and is now 18 weeks pregnant w/ a healthy pregnancy, so it is possible to get pregnant after such a thing. Good luck to you and I wish you the best!! Just make sure you have some luvin before, during and even after you O, to make sure you cover everything!! Try not to stress about it either, stress can be a big factor in not conceiving. My husband and I were trying for 6 months after I had a m/c, and the one month I ovulated 2 weeks earlier than I normally did, we only had sex 2 times, once before I knew I was O'ing, and the night my monitor showed me peak fertility, and BAM! We got preggers.....It will happen for you, you just need to be patient.


kristina1980 - August 13

HI Ladies, well I am from Slovakia and I am leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks without my man which sucks a bit. But I am excited a lot, lot, lot. This month we weren't even in bed so much, so I am not suprise it didn't happen. And actually we will really start to TTC when i get back. I was just of BC and I kind of hoped it will happen but I didn't even know when I ovulate. now i am going to watch myself more carefull and have asmuch loving as possible. Which shouldn't be problem after 3 weeks of absence:) But thank you for your
support. Tammy Cograts, and hope you have a full 9 healthy months. Good luck to you all,...


Tracy88 - August 13

Have a great trip!



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