Anyone try Ovulex & Pre Seed Together?
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Dany - February 24

Hi everyone I am new to this forum. Sadly I was on the first trimester page, then the miscarriage page and now I am here! I was just wondering if anyone has tried Ovulex and pre seed together. I just ordered some and I am hoping it works. I had my m/c in November and we have been trying like crazy and ....nothing. I am hoping that the herbs in Ovulex will help regulate my cycle and the pre seed will fill in for my lack of fertile c/m. Good luck to you all!! Let me know what you think of this combo!!! Also can you take prenatals on Ovulex??


Lynn - February 24

Have not tried either but interested in preseed if this cycle is not a BFP. Where did you order preseed from? Best of luck to you.


Kathy - February 26

Sorry about your m/c. I purchased preseed from and it came with 2 free pregnancy tests. I have ordered from there before it am very satisfied with them. I haven't used it yet but will next cycle if I need to. It seemed to be a good price.I don't kow if you can take ovulex with prenatel. Try contacting ovulex or talk to your doctor. Good luck.


Tottie - February 27

Tried Ovulex and pre-seed together. Been on ouvlex for 3 months and pre-seed tried for last month's cycle...BFN. Am still taking ovulex and will try pre-seed again in the future. All the best.


Dany - February 27

Thank you guys! Hopefully it will work - if it does, I will let you know. We are also going to use the sperm meets egg plan - so we have a lot of bd time in the next week! Good luck to all of you! Lynn - I ordered my preseed off their website - I think it was $17.50!



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