Anyone try just once at fertile time?
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Natasha - July 5

Name: Natasha | Date: July 4, 2005, 20:07
Answer: Hi everyone - happy to have anyone who can relate along for the 2WW ride - great merlee! We can imagine all sorts of symptoms together! :) I thought I saw slightly pink cm today, but it was so slight that I'm doubtful and yesterday morning I felt slightly nauseous, but it could've been what I ate the night before. Also, this month I ttc only ONE time! Do you believe it? You'd think that I would know (after researching how to get pg for months online) that one time is not likely to do it. Well! I've known two women who got pg in the time frame that I've been off bcp's and both were shocked to discover they were pg because they only ttc once during the fertile time. The one girl told me that they bd on ovulation day only (I can't ever be that sure of when O is, personally) and the other did it only once the day before O (she said she did this because she wanted a girl - yep, she got a girl!). I was thinking about it, and wondered - is it possible these women got pg because there was no 'sperm competition'? That is, maybe it happened for them because the sperm were all trying to reach the egg instead of maybe if you FLOOD the area with sperm (bd-ing 5x in as many days for instance), they fight each other instead of going for the egg?? I don't know..maybe it doesn't make sense, but at 35 years old, I'm starting to try anything! :) I think (can't be sure) that we ttc'ed the day before ovulation. If it doesn't work this month, I'm going back to the old 4-5 days in row! But..if it does!?! Great! I'll keep you all posted... Any thoughts on my admittedly crazy theory??? -----Happy baby thoughts to all!! ----

July 4, 2005


Lena - July 5

Happy 4th to you too! Part of your theory "flooding sperm" theory is correct, but not in entirety and not for the reasons you mentioned. But great job! Sperm flooding, great descriptive title btw, will have the same effects you described if ,ore than one male partner is involved. Every man has enzymes in his seminial fluid that works as an antispermicidal to another man's sperm cells. Its an evolutionary "Survival of the Fittest" thing. As far as sperm from one man fighting each other, well, it doesn't work exactly like that, but a high volume of sperm into the uterus can irritate the uterus. Typically only 0.5ml is used in IUI and you'll read on these boards many woman complaining of cramps afterwards. Finally, its very possible to get pregnant after just one time - Its just a matter of timing.


merlee - July 5

If it works for you let us all know and I'm up for trying it.


Natasha - July 5

I posted this same message twice in two different places - oops, can you tell I'm new to this?

Thanks for the info Lena - that does make sense! I'll be very surprised if the 'one time' works, but I'd be thrilled if it did. We've been 'really trying' for about 10 cycles, but have been unofficially trying for 14... How long have you been at it merlee? And you Lena? Please keep me posted as to your symptoms etc. ladies...


Joby - July 5

Hi Ladies, I'll be doing this theory hopefully tonight! I got +OPK today but because we have been bd during my 'dry' times dh has 'split' bits - a bit tmi I know! We're hopefully going to give it a go. I am also temping BBT & I believe I should O tomorrow. On a similar thread does anyone know if we can get preseed in the UK?


merlee - July 5

Natasha, we have been ttc for 32 months. I feel like it will never happen sometimes. The first year we were married (4 yrs, now), people would ask when we would have kids - but now most don't mention it. I prefer they don't ask. I just don't know what to say. It is different here, though. Everyone wants a baby here, and nobody is judging, just helpful. I'm glad I found this forum.


Lena - July 6

Oh, dear! I just read my post and it not only doesn't make sense to me, it seem almost inaccurate. Let me paraphrase: (1) Sperm from two different male partners will "fight" each to prevent the other man's sperm from penetrating the egg; (2) Sperm fighting doesn't happen if all of the sperm come from the same man; (3) Your odds of conception are much higher if you have intercourse at least every 48 hrs during the ovulatory phase of your cycle. (4) Getting pregnant after one intercourse can happen, but only with lucky timing. (5) High volume of semen can irritate and cause cramping only if inserted directly through the cervix and into the uterus. An example of this woud be IUI. Hope this makes better sense. (I hate this tiny little box we have to type in.)


Natasha - July 6

Lena, not to worry, I knew what you meant..really! :) I think I had actually heard that before about different men's sperm fighting...

Has anyone here used the OPK's ?(not the machine, but the store or online bought ones) Even using those, I still find it very hard to figure out when I ovulate. It says that ovulation should occur 12-48 hours (depending where you read) from the time of the LH spike, but I always have the spike over two days (catching it going up and then again going down, I assume). THEN, I also read that the sperm needs to be in the 'egg area' at least 12 hours before ovulation so that the sperm can go through 'capacitation' which has something to do with making the sperm "capable" of penetrating/fertilizing the egg. With all this info, who the heck knows when to get to it..? How anyone ever gets pg is beyond me! :) Quite the miracle for sure...wishing you all a miracle! ~~~


Natasha - July 6

Oh, meant to mention that I also get the ovulation pain which changes from side to side with each cycle. You'd think that would be a great help to figuring out when O is..but not. I haven't found (online anyway) any concrete evidence that says how the pain and the actual ovulation are interrelated . That is, is the pain right before O, and if soon before? 1 hour, 1, 2, 3 days..? Does anyone have any idea? I'd love to know - thanks!


Lena - July 6

I've used the OPK but not with any luck. I've even tried the more expensive brand my medical provider swears by and sell in the pharmacy. When I use them, its vague if the test line is at least the same color as the control line. Forget getting a darker colored test ine. I'm working with an RE so I'm using u/s to determine follicle size and then taking hCG, and confirming o' with another u/s. Even when I take an OPK during this time, it will still be negative. I finally gave up on using them and gave them to a friend in her 20's who is just somewhat trying to conceive.[I just know she'll get pregnant before me too :( ] So that pain you feel in your sides is ovulatory pain (which I know you already know). Just before ovulation the follicle has substantial growth and begins to soften so that the ovum can be expelled with force. Sorry to be gross, but this is simliar to a giant whitehead. The pain you feel is just before and during ovulation as the follicle ripens and softens. Follicular growth alternates back and forth between the ovaries - one month left, one month right - so its not unusual for you to feel the pain switching from side to side with each cycle.


Natasha - July 11

Hi ladies,

Thought it was only responsible of me to send a message since I initiated this post with my question of whether doing it only once (at the right time) during the fertile cycle will get you pregnant. Well - that's what I did and this morning - AF! No go... :( A bummer for sure, but I saw a psychic who said that I just wasn't ready and would be in a few months (that is, in the fall sometime). I can live with that, and will just have to do whatever I can to improve my inner environment - healthy body, mind, spirit etc. to allow for a healthy pregnancy when the time is right. BABY DUST and much luck to you all...



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