anyone took classes for ovidrel& gonal F
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aish - May 12

As IUI & other med will cost me around $2000...i dont want to waste money in class .i have exp. in giving injections so will that help or i have to pay $ learn that.............. help me please


dejongeh - May 16

I have done 2 cycles of gonal and ovidrel and never took any classes. It comes in a predosed pen with very clear instructions (my dr. explained in 5 min in his office as well), the needles are tiny and it really is not a big deal at all (the shots then, you do feel a bit crappy on the meds)


Mega - May 16

I take Repronex now & never had to take a class either. I guess different drs do it different ways. But all my dr had me do is watch a cheesey video & then my nurse went over the technique with me as well. I was also given an info sheet which was pretty clear. I'm doing the Intermusuclar kind so my DH is the one actually giving the shot & he wasn't able to go by the dr's to see the video. He did just fine with the info sheet to guide him. Plus, Aish, since you said you have experience giving injections anyway, I'd think you'd be okay skipping the class. Good luck!



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