anyone took ANTIBIOTICS to conceive
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aish - April 19

Hi ,
anybody took antibiotics to overcome its infertility& got preg..
please help me ,my doc will put me on antibiotics,clomid for my next cycle with IUI


isa - April 19

are you on antibiotics for an infection down below? Most RE's will do a swab to make sure you have no mycoplasms or other infections and if you do they will treat you with an antibiotic. Just ask you doc what the antibiotic is for so you can look up the info on the net. Google is a wonderful feature for finding anything.


MuzikGurl - April 19

I was sick during my ovulation time and took Allegra-D and Nyquil and day quil and about a week later after I took it I found out I was pregnant...just barely faint pos. i heard that nyquil or rubuttussin-sp?? helps ur Cervical Mucus more suptle for the sperm to survive. I don't know if it helped me or not but I am now about 5-7 weeks pregnant-don't know for sure yet drs. appt. on 5/5/06 then I will know for sure how far along I am. All I know is I am pregnant!


aish - April 20

she said that u & ur DH shud take



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