Anyone testing Jan 30?
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Elyse - January 17

I need a someone to suffer with!


Ashleyg - January 17

i test the beginning of feb...i will wait with you elyse!! this was my first round of clomid and i finally got my first +OPK today (cycle day 18). my dh and i are doing a lot of bd!!


einfanti - January 17

GO Ashley!
When, exactly will you test?
The 2ww is such torture. I feel pg, though. Nice to have someone to suffer with. I never took clomid - I was on Repronex - do you know the difference. it seems like everyone here is on Clomid. What does it do?


Ashleyg - January 17

i have not seen a thermal shift in my bbt yet so i should ovulate anywhere between the next 12 to 48, as soon as i know that, i will know exactly when to test...clomid is a drug that induces ovulation...i didnt think it was working this cycle and then all of a sudden, +OPK!! i have never heard of repronex, what is it?


einfanti - January 17

Repronex is a drug that stimulates your ocaries to p[roduce multiple follicles. After I have produced several follicles, I get a scan evrey few days to see how big they are. When they are big enouhg, I take a shot of HCG to stimulate ovulation, then we do IUI (inseminate) the next 2 days. We inseminated yesterday and today, so we test on the 30th. CAN'T WAIT!


rose - January 17

hello everyone, just wanted to know if I could join? I'm not really sure when I should test. I think I ovulated on the 4th....but I'm not sure when AF is due, my cycle is very irregular....I guess I'll wait with you guys...maybe that's long enough? baby dust to everyone! :-)


einfanti - January 17

Hi ROse. Welocme! It's easier to wait with us than alone, for sure. If you O'd on the 4th, then the 3rd, 4th and 5th would be good days for the bd. So you can probably test already, especially if you weren't on any HCG or anything else that would affect the result. If you want to wait to make certain, test on the 19th. Oh, I can't wait to hear. Good luck! Let us know.


rose - January 19

einfanti...I tested yesterday and BFN :-(
but still no I still have symptons though...well I think around the 11th or 12th maybe possibly I had implantation bleeding. It was a very light pink spotting just twice, and then the other night we bd and I had spotting after...but no AF...weird.


lene - January 19

ashleyg, so happy you ovulated! woo-hoo! it will work!!!


Elyse - January 19

Sorry about the bfn, but if no AF, then you never know...Are you going to the dr for a blood test?


rose - January 20

I'm going to the doctor for my yearly exam, going to ask her to do some blood work to try and figure out if I ovulate, and if not...I guess ask her to put me on something to regulate last cycle was 52 days long...but still no AF tonight, I'm holding out dust!


Ashleyg - January 23

hey ladies, well i finally saw my temps move! I O'd on the 18th so i should test on the 1st...i hate this part!


lene - January 23

ashleyg, hello...but what test?


Elyse - January 23

Ashley - you are a couple days behing Lene and me in the 2ww - we go for pg blood test on the 30th. Good luck!


Elyse - January 23

Ashley - it's been a few days since we chatted and I already forgot that you started this thread! Las ttime I was pregnant, I completely lost all my ability to remember anything! maybe I am pg and that's my excuse now, too.


Ashleyg - January 23

lene, if af doesnt show, i should take a pregnancy test on the 1st. since O, i have had sore bbs, especially nipples, and an excess of creamy, white cm...i dont really know what is normal for me because i used to be so irregular...does that sound normal to anyone else? is it a good sign?!


lene - January 23

ashleyg, not sure what that means...i didn't have that and if i did i can't tell since i am on suppositories which is a progesterone that you put vaginally and it's all gooky anyway.



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