Anyone taking vitex?
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Megan - December 6

What does it actually do? How much should someone take? Does it matter what brand you get? And does it interact or interfere with other medication (such as synthroid - thyroid medication)?


sandra - December 6

hi megan. Vitex is a herbal supplement. It has been used for hundreds of years to regulate female hormones. If you have irregular periods, not ovulating etc it can help. I have been using it for two cycles and have had two periods. Before that I had no period since June so it seems to be working for me although I am not pregnant yet. It does have a high success rate. I take 4 x 400mg tablets a day, two in morning and two in evening. It can be bought in liquid form. Most health shops will have it. you can also buy in online. I am not too sure if it can be taken with other meds. Check out the internet, there is loads of information regarding it. Check out this link : Hope this helps


BUUUUUMP - December 6



To Sandra - December 7

I have been taking Fertility Blend for a month now. It contains vitex, but combines L-arginine + Green tea + Chasteberry(Vitex) = 1080 mg,
Do you think i could take the vitex pills with the fertility blend? It is a natural herb, but cant find anything about overdosing on it or side effects of taking too much?
What do you think?


sandra - December 10

chasteberry and vitex are the same herb. Green tea is supposed to be very good too. I have not heard of overdosing or side effects so I think its probably ok. Why dont you try the vitex and green tea seperately. I have read somewhere that if your cycles are regular then they can become irregular when taking vitex. I am of the opinion at the moment that nothing is going to work. Maybe its all down to mother nature after all. Have you been trying to conceive for long?



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