Anyone taking prometrium?
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Melissa - September 28

I was just told this week that my progesterone level came back low (tested on cd 26). The nurse said I'd be put on prometrium eventually and kept on it if I get pregant. I'm just curious to find out other people's experiences on it.


Lynn - September 28

Melissa - I recently took prometrium to maintain my pregnancy. It is safe even though the package will say not to take while pregnant. Many people are put on this to maintain until your placenta develops and takes over. I was told until about 12 weeks. I however, just ended in an ectopic pregnancy so stopped taking it at 8 weeks when they discovered where my pregnancy was. Good Luck to you.


to melissa - September 28

read the thead prometrium vs suppositories? it will give you some more info. lots of us are on one or theother.


miranda - September 28

if you take it, take it at makes you dizzy and sleepy.....good luck!



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