anyone taking or took baby aspirin
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aish - November 8

i have unexplained infert. going for my IVF in dec or we have to try by my own ...any one know about baby aspirin how & when to take it before ovulation???


Galina - November 8

Hi aish, I have bee taking it for about 3 months now and my RE said that a low dose (81mg) can be taken throughout your entire cycle. I also googled "baby aspirin infertility" and read some stuff on it. Good luck to you!


Tink - November 8

What's supposed to be the benefit? I have heard about it but don't know details. I have heard green tea helps, pineapple helps the baby 'stick' and have heard about acupuncture helping. we'll try anything, right? :)


Tenk - November 8

well, I have heard from lot's of women that it should be taken after O to help your uterine lining keep from thins when you are using clomid. So I take 1 a day since O for that.



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