Anyone taking or conceived on Clomid Days 1-5
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Liezel - April 29

Just wondering if there is anyone out there who conceived on clomid by taking it days 1-5 and if you had a singleton, twins or triplets. I am 26 and my DH and i have been ttc for almost 1 year. My doctor prescribed Clomid 50mg to be taken on days 1-5 as soon as AF arrives. I am also taking Provera for 10 days to bring AF and am currently on day 4. I will probably start taking the clomid around the second week of May. Hope to hear from you soon.


wannabeamom - April 29

I have read that a recent study has shown taking clomid days 1-5 may increase your chances of conceiving. However there are additional risks,like hyperstimulation. Check out this article: http://www.conceivingconcepts.c


Liezel - April 30

Thanks Wannabeamom... i have actually read that same article somewhere else before. I guess what i really wanna know is if anyone has conceived on clomid when they took it days 1-5 and if they had a singleton or multiple pregnancy. thanks


babyloves2play - May 1

Hi Liezel, I'm still waiting to ovulate. Clomid keeps making my cycles longer which in turn makes me ovulate later. I'm on cd 17. Took 100 mg clomid days 1-5. This is my second cycle. First cycle was on days 5-9 so I'm hoping this cycle will be better and hoping for a BFP. ~*~*BABYDUST*~*~


Liezel - May 1

Hi babyloves2play . All this waiting is driving me crazy.I am only on day 6 of provera.... so i probably won't start the clomid for another 9 days...and it will probably be another 2 weeks before i ovulate. keep me posted :-)
****BABY DUST***


beckylol1 - May 1

Can i just say i have children, beautiful happy ones. After 3 miscarriges i have decided to buy clomid online. Doc refuses to prescibe it to me because i do have children. I know im blessed to have them but surely its my right to have more? My partner and I both work, always have done, so the choice is ours. I had my 3rd miscarriage last Tuesday the 25 April. I just would like another baby to complete our family. Baby dust and luck to u all xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Liezel - May 2

oh becky.... I am soooo sorry about your mc. I don't think it is right of your doctor to not want to prescribe you clomid just because you already have children. I have heard of lots of other women on here who are taking it even though they already have kids. Perhaps you should just try another doctor. good luck and **BABYDUST** to all :)


NatashaV - May 5

Hi ladies, I posted this is another spot, but it's good to know. My doc recommends Clomid days 1-5 as well. For various reasons, I couldn't take it on those days, so the first time I did days 3-7 (didn't work) and the second time, it was days 2-6 (I'm on the 2ww now). My coworker went to the same doc and he put her on it days 1-5 - she is now 17 weeks pg! Good luck and baby dust to all!


Liezel - May 5

hey natasha that is great. good luck with the 2ww....hopefully you get a BFP!
Let us know. Did you or your co-worker take anything else with it like robitussin or baby aspirin ... etc?


NatashaV - May 6

Hi Leizel, Nope..she didn't take anything. I had an IUI done 5 days ago, so Robi wouldn't really be needed (since IUI bypasses the cervical mucus which is why you would take Robi). Good luck with the Clomid!


NatashaV - May 6

Sorry for mispelling your name Liezel!


Liezel - May 7

Hey natasha... I really hope this is your month... tons of baby dust your way. I am still impatiently waiting for AF so that i can get started already. Keep me posted :)



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