Anyone taking Insitol, Saw Palmetto, Lic. Root, or Vitex
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Staci - July 20

I have been reading about all of these different herbs and treatments for PCOS. Are any of you taking one, two, or all of these combined? If so...have they regulated your periods and helped you to ovulated. Thanks for any info! I am getting to the point I will take anything that will help!


merlee - July 20

Staci, Hi! I have been taking vitex and some other herbs, but not the ones you mentioned. If you are looking for an alternative to clomid and presciptions, you might want to check out a book "The Infertility Cure", it is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. I just got it and have started incorperating some of the things suggested. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a different approach to fertility. Good luck


To Merlee - July 20

Thanks! You and I post back and forth a lot, maybe you and I could start emailing each other? My email is [email protected]. I will look into getting that book, or at least checking it out. Which herbs do you take?



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