anyone taking clomid, IUI and CBFM
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gigi23 - January 13

Okay.. i'm taking clomid, doing iui and useing the clear blue ferlity monitor.. this will be my second IUI, i was wondering if clomid and the monitor are not working properly.. I'm uslaly about 29-30 days last month my monitor said i was Ovulating with 3 bars and an egg on day 10.. had iui done on day 10 and ntohing.. this month, today i'm on day 10 and i have 2 bars.. Anyone doing this same thing.. i'm so worried that my timing on the IUI and ovalation are WRONG!!


CC - January 14

Hi gigi-I did 3 rounds of Clomid and have used the cbfm for close to a year. No IUI yet, but soon. When I was taking Clomid, I was getting ultrasounds to monitor the follicles, and my cbfm was always on track with what they saw on the ultrasounds, and when they said I was ovulating, so did my monitor. Each cycle is different, so maybe you are just going to ovulate later this month then you did last month ? I always took the cbfm w/ a grain of salt, but after 3 months of ultrasounds, and the monitor matching what the Dr office told me, I felt much better about it. Give it a few days and I bet it picks up your O. Good luck this month w/ your IUI!



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