Anyone switch from Clomid to Gonal-F? Or need Gonal-F?
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LauraEssary - March 28

I've decided not to do the Gonal-f after all. My husband just isnt comfortable with the idea. So we are just going to stick with Clomid. Therefore I have extra Gonal-f that I'd like to trade for Clomid. Or if anyone needs Gonal-F let me know and we can work something out.

[email protected]


Tracy88 - March 28

I got PG on my first cycle with Gonal-F at the lowest dose, yet clomid did not work for me depite ovulating very well with it. I am a total Gonal-F advocate, obviously. I wish you lots of luck.


Apalonia - March 28

Sounds like you have made up your mind but if you want to increase your chances of healthy eggs I would do it. Talk to your DH about it. It could REALLY be helpful. If you look on any of the forums you may find that many agree to use both. I know this doesn't help or answer your question but please take it into consideration.


Crmardock - March 28

Tried clomid first with each of my pregnancies, with no luck. Switched to low dose Gonal-f got pregnant on first try each time.


Tenk - March 28

I just emailed you, I might be interested in trading with you.......the clomid is just not working for me and I'm moving to IUI.


LauraEssary - March 28

Tenk I havent gotten your e-mail. try [email protected] instead.


tanner789 - March 28

i would definately reconsider goign back to clomid because gonal f is way better at producing better mature follies. clomid is good too but if you waan be more aggresive go the gonal f route-why is dh scared?


LauraEssary - March 28

sorry ladies I understand your concern. I guess I should have been more clear and I am sure I am going to get yelled at for this. I had planned to do the Gonal-f without a prescription/doctors recomendation. Treatment it just to expensive. I got all of my meds online. Anyway It should be obvious now why Gonal-f is more dangerous then clomid. Mostly the risk of OHSS. which is still only a 3-5% risk. However that risk is pretty much O% when using Clomid. Most women arent even monitored on Clomid but all are on Gonal-f. See where hubby might be upset? I probably chickend out a bit too. I've done all of the research to the max to know exactly what to do, how to do it and everything but... I wont go against my husband or else I may never get another chance at having another child.

Make sense now? I appreciate the caring advice. :)


LauraEssary - March 28

actually Tenk I just recieved your e-mail after all and replied. :)


LauraEssary - March 29

Tenk I haven't heard from you... BUMP.
I have someone else asking about it but since you asked fist I am waiting to here from you. :)



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