Anyone Successfully Concived With PCOS & Without Clomid etc?
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Ravini - January 17

Hi, Just wanted to know if there is any one who conceived successfully while having PCOS but without the help of clomid or metformin etc.?
thanks in advance


Ravini - January 17

Oh and how long it took :-)


jcr - January 17

I did, it took me 6 years, I have a 27 month old. Had a m/c last april, which was naturally concieved also. I started metformin after m/c and tried acupuncture for 3 months. I am doing my first month of femara this cycle. Goodluck.


Ravini - January 17

Thanks jcr :-) i really wish it would be less :-( though


Sue25F - January 17

Hi Ravini, I conceived naturally after 16 months, had a mc at 13 weeks & this will be our 7th month ttc since then. Tests have shown I am o'ing by myself & this month I have tried Pre-seed.


Ravini - January 18

Hi sue - thanks for your answer :-) baby dust to u.. did u take anything for the PCOS .. i mean any medication or dieting or anything?


canadagirl - January 18

Hi ravini yes it took me almost 5 years, now I have a 16 mth old and I am trying again, but not preggo yet


Sue25F - January 18

Thanks for the luck Ravini, no I havn't been taking anything for the pcos. I did start exercising regularly though.


Ravini - January 20

canadagirl , sue25f thanks so much girls... my preg test at the doc's turned out to be a BFN so i guess its just my pcos thinngy that i missed the period actually planning to give this some break and try again in april since i got some exams comming up and i dont think i want to be dealing with morning sickness if i do get preggo.. so appril again in to clomid 100mg CD2-7 and ttc :)



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