Anyone Succesful with Round 1 of IUI
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Bailey - July 11

I had my first round of clomid with IUI this month and am going for a pg test on Thursday - I'm not feeling too confident because I feel fine. We have been trying to conceive for 1.5 years (technically) we did have an eptopic back in May of 05. My husband and I have had every test under the sun done and we are both fine. Perfectly healthy - we just have "unexplained fertility" so the specialist suggested a round of clomid with IUI - which they did the IUI back to back - Thursday/Friday. This particular clinic increases your chances by doing it 2 days in a row. I'm getting really nervous now that I know I'm going in 2 days for a blood test - just looking to see if anyone was successful after their first round of IUI. Thanks.


lqtoo - July 11

Bailey, our situations sound identical. This was also my first IUI, we have also had all the tests done and ended up with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, we have been ttc for two years, and at my clinic they also do two back-to-back IUIs. I go for my Beta test on Friday, and like you, I don't feel confident because I have ABSOLUTELY NO symptoms at all. About a half a year ago I had a miscarriage (a chemical pregnancy I guess they call it), and I knew I was pregnant before I tested. My bbs were huge and so sore. This time, there is nothing. I am trying to keep positive thoughts though, and will definitely try again if the first time doesn't do the trick.


Bailey - July 11

lqtoo - as weird as it sounds before I tested + last year I was making chicken and started gagging so I took a pg test and it was positive - that was from the eptopic pregnancy - so I think I was figuring I might feel something. I'm going to be so anxious until Thursday - if we didn't succeed this time around - the next round they are going right for injections. She said my age is a huge factor. I'll be 37 this month so they want to be more aggressive. Well here's to hoping we are both successful this time around.


lqtoo - July 11

Actually that is the one difference between us...I am already on injectibles. I am taking Puregon (the Canadian form of Follistum). At my clinic, they tend to go the aggresive route right from the get-go. Anyway, good luck to you...I will be thinking about you and sending baby dust your way!!!



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