Anyone starting tww at beginning of July?
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wantbaby - July 21

Hi everyone! I couldn't wait and just tested. I got a BFN! I am so down and upset now but at least I got this thing over with. I have never been able to see the second line in the whole of my life. What horrible luck! My AF is due on Monday and have a blood test scheduled that day so it was good that I tested today itself and got this whole thing out of the way.


diem - July 21

Well.... I just got home from work. IT SUCKS!!! to go back to work after summer break (I work in education)! It would've been perfect to spend my first trimester at home going through all of the icky feelings. But noooooo. I took another OPK today and it is lighter than yesterday which probably means that I just had a second surge and that on my first surge on July 10th I didn't ovulate. Well I guess it's bding time tonight. Hubby got home from the firehouse this morning. I was REALLY hoping that I'd pull a "TAMMY" and be pg LOL! My nipples are sore too....which never happens...So I was praying that it'd be a sign. I guess I'll know for sure in the next week or two.<whynotme> I'm really sorry to hear about your BFN!!!! I'm feeling quite down myself at the moment. You know what sucks the most is that I'm a guidance counselor and I'm tired of seeing 9-12 grade students pregnant when they don't want it and I DO! I'ts hard to talk with them about their options. WHY can't it be ME and not THEM!. Good thing the students don't come back until Aug 10th. I really don't feel like seeing them now:) I thought I was almost done with my TWW but since I'm actually o'ing later than I thought it's like a 3ww. Isn't 2ww enough?

-Diem :(


diem - July 21

Hey I have a question for all of you. How often do you have baby or pg dreams. It seems as thought that's all I have lately!


diem - July 21

Ok...I looked at my opk after 15 minutes passed and it was as dark as yesterday just about the same as the contol line. Does it get darker with time? I'm obsessing quite a bit as you can see with all of my replies LOL. It's just that this sore nipple thing is so strange for me. ARGH! I'm going out to dinner tonight with Hubby and friends. I guess I better skip my usual glass(s) of wine. It's going to be extremely hard.

Obsessed and Crazy!!!!! DIEM


cspears99 - July 21

Well I am done this month got my a/f late last night, and I really thought it was going to happen this month I had lots of signs so I thought, just being crazy i guess!! well I wish you all the best I am done for a couple months, I can't take it, and I need a break, hope to read soon you guys all see a BFP I don't know what the f means I am assuming it mean fuc??ing?? because that seems more appropriate, good luck everyone. Cheryl


diem - July 24

Where is everyone?

I have continued on with the opk's and they've been getting lighter. My temps have been raised for a few days so I guess I ovulated (says DH and I bd'd as soon as I figured out I was ovulating. I never knew someone could get two LH surges before. Well....AF isn't due until next week so I will know hopefully on the 31st if anything took. Good luck to you all. BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!


cspears99 - August 3

Tammy how are you feeling, how is everything?? sorry haven't been on, taking a break from all the fertility stuff, going to start again in Sept, but I was thinking about you, hope everything is going well!!! :-)



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