Anyone starting tww at beginning of July?
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cspears99 - July 20

Yeah Tammy oh my god congratulations!!! I knew it had to be one of us!! I am so happy for you!!!! Please keep us informed!! Very positive thoughts!! CONGRATULATIONS


wantbaby - July 20

Hey Tammy.... I am thrilled for you. Congratulations! Stay positive, dont think anything negative at this point. And, have a great anniversary. Keep us posted on the happenings with you!


whynotme - July 20

Tammy, that is so great. I bet you were crapping yourself when you saw the line!! Yay Tammy!! Well my news is not so good. I got af full force this morning and passing really huge blod clots. This isn't very normal for me, so I am wondering if maybe the egg implanted and got interrupted by af. I broke down and finally had a really hard cry lastnight. I haven't cried like that for a long time. I think everything just feels really hopeless right now. Geesh. Well I don't want to bring down the whole thread so I am going to go home from work early and just sleep this off. I have cramps from HELL!


cspears99 - July 20

don't worry I had my good cry this morning too, I just feel like maybe it isn't meant to be for me, and maybe just give up and hope I get over this sadness soon!!!! tammy I can't even imagine how excited you were to see a positive!! God I got excited when I saw a positive just from my shot I knew I wasn't but just to see it!! LOL anyway I wish you the best please keep us updated!!


Tammy276 - July 20

Thank you so much ladies! I will definately keep posting to see how all of you are doing, and to let you know how I am doing. I went in for my blood test today and have to call in a few hours for the results, which I know will be pos. so I don't know why I went, but I just like to make sure. They wouldn't give me the test to count the levels of hcg, just the yes or no test. They said that I have to get the o.k. from my doctor to actually have my levels tested, and she is on vacation until the 28th or something like that. I just really hope everything goes o.k. I am going to make sure now I keep taking my pre-natals and I'm not going to let myself forget! I am sending babydust to all of you and hope you all see your bfp's soon!! Don't get discouraged (and don't try too hard). I think sometimes when we feel pressured to ttc, it doesn't happen. I mean look at this month for me, I O'd unexpectedly and we only bd'd twice and look what happened? Just stay positive. There is such a great group of girls on here, and the support is unreal! Well, I'm off to go lay in the sun for a while, I'm getting kinda pasty again! Enjoy your day!!


wantbaby - July 20

Whynotme, come on cheer up, I know its hard but your time will come. And, when it comes you will appreciate what you get better. I am here trying to conceive for the last 4 years without success and at age 34, I go through this emotion every single month. But yet, there is always a stray of hope somewhere that my time will come too. There are so many people in this world who are in worser situation than any of us. So think of all the good things and cheer up. ;-)) Mary


wantbaby - July 20

Tammy, take good care of yourself and take it easy. You dont want to do anything that will go against you. Girl, I am so thrilled for you. It just gives us all a hope. I tested on the Ovulation stick and it was negative today as well but I wonder if its too early to detect. I am just hoping this month will be mine too. I am just getting very anxious now.


diem - July 20

Hey ladies!!! I have a question regarding OPK's. I had a positive one on July 10th. I figured I ovulated short after. I used one yesterday just for giggles and the line was there but a bit faint. Today the line is definately there and really close to the color of the control window. Is it true that OPK's can pick up HCG? I'd hate to get my hopes up but AF isn't due for another week. Is it possible to ovulate more than once per cycle?


cspears99 - July 20

Diem as far as I have been ready you can detect with an OPK, I think that is how Tammy tested the other day, but if you have had the trigger shot the hsg stays in your system for 5-7 days so it may be a false positive so just be careful I learned my lesson taking my test to early and seeing pregnant and it was just the shot?? but stay positive you never know, good luck!!


diem - July 20

Well, since AF isn't due until next week Its gonna be a long week. I'd hate to test early . I have not been on any shots or meds. I just worry that my ovulation is messed up or something. I want to test soooo bad but it seems waaaay to early. ARGh!


cspears99 - July 20

Yeah I am the wrong person to ask I stock up and start testing, its awful after each IUI I start testing the 7 days after?? although I haven't been pregnant yet and have wasted lots of test, if we do this again I swear this time I won't test until my period is due, best of luck, let me know!!


diem - July 20

I guess I will keep bding just in case this is the TRUE ovulation time! :0) Good luck to us all!


whynotme - July 20

I have read and heard that some women do ovulate twice in one cycle. I think that's where some faternal twins come from that are not the same ages in the womb. It's possible that maybe you did ovulate. As for the first OPK being a very faint 2nd line, that is definitely a negative. The line has to be the same color as the control line or darker. Maybe you will have twins! HE HE! I am feeling better right now. I slept and took lots of extra strenght tylenol. I am controling the cramps atleast. DH just got back from picking up my clomid. I am taking 100 mg. 3-7 now. Fingers crossed this works. My RE said we really need to get my cycles to be longer. DUH!


diem - July 21

Actually the OPK line is very close to being the exact color of the control line. I've been doing some research and the fraternal twin thing usually happens when someone has 2 separate eggs or ovulates twice within 24 hours of eachother. I don't think that would explain my situation. I will keep using opk's the next few days and see if the line stays strong. If it does then I will take a hpt...I guess if it fades again i probably o'd . (Keeping fingers crossed)



Tammy276 - July 21

diem, I would say keep using the opks and see what happens, thats what I did and I got my BFP! My af isn't due until the 25th, and I got a positive already on the 19th, which is a week before Af would have been do, so it is possible to get a positive that early. I would say if your opk stays dark like that, I would test with a hpt. If the opk is pos. for pregnancy, the hpt will definately be positive for pregnancy! You girls are all so wonderful! Thank- you all so much for the great support on here the past month, and I will be sure to check in every now and then with updates. As far as my cramping is going, I am not going to even worry about it. I am going to enjoy the fact that I am pregnant!! Good luck to you all!!


wantbaby - July 21

Hi everyone! I couldn't wait and just tested. I got a BFN! I am so down and upset now but at least I got this thing over with. I have never been able to see the second line in the whole of my life. What horrible luck! My AF is due on Monday and have a blood test scheduled that day so it was good that I tested today itself and got this whole thing out of the way.



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