Anyone starting tww at beginning of July?
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lqtoo - July 4

Hi ladies. I seem to be on a different schedule than everyone one else on this forum. I did my first IUI this weekend, and just started the tww. Is there anyone else on the same schedule who wants a cycle buddy?


cspears99 - July 10

Hi Iqtoo I had my 3rd IUI on Friday when was yours? I think I have seen you on another one? tell me again how many is this for you? and how many follicles did you have? and what size, so happy to find another waiting with me??


Tammy276 - July 10

Hi ladies. I will join you. I started the 2ww today, or yesterday. We are trying natural, but I have irregular cycles, and ovulated 2 weeks earlier than I normally do, so I wasn't expecting it at all! My monitor showed me peak yesterday and today, so I will go by today as the first day of my 2ww. Weren't you on the thread anyone ttc in july? or something like that? I've seen your name on here before. Anyway. We are ttc #2 after 2 m/c, the latest one in January......So I am hoping this is my lucky month, even though we didn't get that much bd'ing in because of the unexpected O!! What are your stories?


Tammy276 - July 10

Hi cspears99, I read on another post that you wrote about taking tests each month...I feel ya girl...I do the same thing. I tell my self I am going to wait until AF is late, but I never do!! Then I get mad at myself for wasting the money and testing before AF was due. I'm sure I'll do the same thing this month, even though I'm already telling myself I'm not going to! I think this month I will just go to the dollar store and pick up a test or two. That way at least if it is neg, I only wasted a dollar!!


cspears99 - July 11

Hi Tammy I am really awful I found a great website to buy them fairly inexpensive, not really considering they are usually wasted, but I feel secure having so many, I know I am crazy, if you are interested the site is, so I am trying this month to really wait!! good luck to everyone!!


Tammy276 - July 11

I am going to try my hardest to wait this month because I really don't think we conceived. We didn't bd enough....Plus it will be easier for me because I normally wouldn't expect my period for another 2 weeks after I am supposed to get it this month...So these 2 weeks should fly by for me because I'm so used to having a longer cycle.....Anyway. I gotta get to bed. I am so tired!


wantbaby - July 12

Hi Iqtoo, I am with you. I had my first IUI on Sunday (July 9th). I was on Clomid and follistim. I had 7 follicles: 1 @ 22mm, 1 @ 17.4, 1 @ 15.5, 2@ 14.8, 1 @ 10 and 1@9. DH had 37mill after wash. Its been 2 days since the IUI and right now playing the waiting game. No symptoms so far except for sore nipples since yesterday. We've been trying to have a child for the last 4 years, hope this works for us. I dont plan to get the preg kit to test, will wait for the blood work on Mon. after next. Tired of not seeing the second line.


Tammy276 - July 12

I know what you mean about tired about not seeing the second line....I think the same thing every month! Hopefully this will be everyones lucky month!! Me and hubby only got to bd 2 days b4 O, and the day of O, so I am doubtful that we conceived, but you never know....Like my doctor said, it only takes one time!! It's hard to believe that when we have been trying for so long and all we keep getting are bfn's!! I am 4dpo, so I have a ways to go in the tww yet.....Hopefully I can find something to do to keep my mind off of it!!


whynotme - July 12

I just had my 2nd IUI on Monday morning and now on the dreaded 2WW. Well, for me it has never been the 2WW because I have a luteal phase defect in which my a/f usually comes before the 2 weeks is up. AF is due on the 22nd which is only 12 days from the IUI. Fingers crossed that since I am on clomid for this cycle it will make my luteal phase longer. Fingers crossed!


cspears99 - July 12

How is everyone feeling here? is anyone else having any kinds of cramping? wantbaby how come they had you on both medications? does it work better that way?


wantbaby - July 12

Hi cspears99, Every fertility center has a different way of doing it, I was told the chances are high with a combination of clomid and injectibles specially since we have an unexplained infertility. I have 3 tries of IUI with my insurance. After that, my doc plans to try other routes. Lets see what happens. I would hate to me on these drugs for long. I have enjoyed good health so far and I only hope these things dont do any harm in the long run. Good luck to you all and will keep you in my prayers.


cspears99 - July 12

thank you, that is great your insurance covers your IUI, our insurance covers 0 of any fertility treatment, I agree it can't be safe to be on this medication for to long, well I had my 3rd IUI on the 7th, so hopefully this is the last time for us, I wish you the best, 7 follicles is amazing, I had 3 this time, hope we all have good news soon. :-)


lqtoo - July 12

Wow, seven follies is huge! I had four myself, all at around 20 mm. I am actually due for my Beta this Friday, although I do not have high hopes. Everything for my IUI went really well, but I don't have any symptoms. It may be a little early yet though, so I haven't given up hope completely (I am 10dpo). Does anyone know when I should start to "feel" different? Anyway, even if this doesn't work I will definitely try again - although the actual IUI is not covered I am from Canada so all the bloodwork and ultrasounds are free, and my work insurance covers all the medications (I am using injectibles... Follistum). Anyway, good luck to all of you...lots of baby dust for everyone!!


cspears99 - July 12

Iqtoo have you taking any of your own tests yet?


wantbaby - July 13

Hey Tammy, don't lose heart. Believe your doc., it takes just one sperm to fertilize the egg out of the millions. So you never know. I just dont seem to understand the whole thing - some people get preg at the drop of a hat and here I am trying so hard. My sister who has had irregular periods for most part. Early last year in Jan, she told me she wanted to plan a baby and in Feb, she calls me saying she was pregnant. Just as much as I was happy for her, it made me wonder about me specially since I have my cycles like clock work. Anyway, I am just glad that she had a baby so at least I am off the pressure. My parents wanted a grand child so badly. So what I have to say is, you never know how these things work. Dont lose hope, stay positive and will yourself to become pregnant. That's my 2 cents.


wantbaby - July 13

I am not sure if the 7 follicles are great though. I believe only 2 were in the desired size. I was also told an over stimulated ovaries are not good. Who knows! I hope at least 1 goes through this time around. My insurance covers only IUI, if I were to move to the next step, ie., IVF, it will cost me $20,000 out of pocket. This fert center promises a baby otherwise money-back, which is a fair promise I guess. If it does not happen this month, I going on a vacation and will skip next month. Plan to go on a cross-country trip and spend sometime camping etc. before the good weather goes away. See, I have a back-up plan ;-)) Boy! I think I am so godamn desperate....that I am so scared of being disappointed.


cspears99 - July 13

if this doesn't work, I am going to take a couple month break these three months have just been the worst, I agree I am so desperate to be pregnant I am just being mean to everyone! my best friend just had her 4th baby, and when she told me we were going through this fertility and of course "they weren't even trying" I was so sad and mad at her, I couldn't even talk to her, the baby is now 4 months and I still feel very hurt towards her, although I love her to death, its just an awful thing!! I must have been an awful person in a former life I feel like for this to be happening, sorry blabbing just feeling sorry for myself today, I just don't know why this isn't working!! thanks for listening :-(



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