Anyone starting clomid soon?
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Ashley - November 18

My dh and i have been ttc for 10 months now. my doc is starting me on my first round of clomid in a few weeks...anyone else in the same situation or have any positive info about clomid use?


piya - November 18

yeh i will start clomid tomorrow, but i dont understand i used to ovulate on my own but doc still prescribed me ttc 9 mths ....had hsg,blood test ,hubbys sperm test ...all ok...but still not pregnant....


Karen - November 20

Hi Ashley. I will start clomid at the begining of december. 50 mg. My ob/gyn says my progesterone level is in the "gray zone" meaning, I guess, that it could be higher. My Dh had normal results for all his tests. I am scared. Been TTC for 8+ months. I would also like to hear of positive outcomes after clomid use. I hope the side effects aren't too terrible.


bump - November 21




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