Anyone starting clomid for the first time!
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MuzikGurl - February 4

Hi, I've posted on here several times but, this time I'm just curious if there are anyone else who is starting clomid around the same time I am (02/04/06) and who may also have PCOS or irregular periods like I do? Just need support system....I just got through with a 25 or 26 day cycle but before that it was 76 days....I am now on CD6 (02/04/06)...and coming off AF.. I think. I'm also going to start working out tomorrow or Monday (gym is closed on sundays), and start drinking green tea cup a day. I bought some herbal green tea today at Borders...heard it works good. So, what is everyone else doing in order to get preggo??? Open minded and open eyed (ear) to any ideas, thoughts, advice, ect....plenty baby dust to all! thanks for anything and everything!


TracyR - February 4

HI MuzikGurl!!! I am starting Clomid for the first time this month. I should get my period next week, and I'll go from there. My doctor had me on BCP until we started to try. I just took my last one this AM! That was exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time! My DH and I want a baby very much, but I am very afraid that this journey might be a long one for us. I have PCOS. I was diagnosed when I was 19 but the doctors just put me on BCP until I wanted to try to concieve. I am 29 now. I have been to a few OB/GYN's over the years who were very hurtful (saying that they wouldn't do anything for me until I lost weight... or that since I was overweight that it was my fault that I had PCOS and would likely not have children!) But I now have a fantastic RE who is very supportive and started me on Metformin last Fall. Since then I have finally lost some weight (I have tried very hard in the past with little success... working out did very little for me... I always am careful of what I eat). The doctor was proud of me and told me to try to keep up with the weight loss but we'll start Clomid now. So I am optimistic. Good luck to you and baby dust to everyone!


mrose - February 4

hello MuzikGurl and TracyR! I actually was just diagonised with PCOS yesterday, and given Metformin to take. I am suspose to take that for three weeks then go and have blood work done to see if I ovulated, if I did not, she is going to go ahead and put me on clomid. So...I will be a little behind you guys, but I would love the support system! Good luck to both of you and baby dust to us all!


TracyR - February 6

Hi Ladies... Please excuse the venting BUT I just got an email from a friend who just had a healthy 10lb 12oz baby girl (2 weeks past due date) on Friday. When I found out that she was pregnant I was shocked to begin with... she is a nice person but also one of the more selfish people that I know. She was the biggest partygirl in college (let's say I went along for support for a few times to the Sexual Health Clinic with her) but then she met her husband, moved in, bought a house, got married and got pregnant all in less than 2 years!!! I was shocked... but hoped that she had finally grown up! I started to realize that maybe she was once again looking for attention when she was less than thankful at her baby shower. She seemed unimpressed that the gifts were things for the baby. And she was truly one of the least educated (about pregnancy and babies) pregnant women that I have met. Well she has a fantastic husband (who is like 10yrs older and I am sure was in a hurry to be a Dad) so she is lucky that way. But she checked herself out of the hospital early (after only 1 night after having the baby) even though her doctor wanted her to stay and work on breastfeeding. She felt that it was going fine and went home anyhow even though this is her first baby and she has really no 'baby' experience to speak of. Well she came home on Saturday and I already have gotten 4 emails from her. And she apparently is probably going to give up on the breastfeeding because it hurts and the last month of pregnancy was too hard on her and she just wants to get back to her old pain-free state! Her words!!! She is really liking the formula because her husband can bottle feed and she can catch up on her rest! OK so I am having a very difficult time with all of this! I have always known that the one thing that I was meant to do on this earth was to be a good mommy. And this is proving to be very difficult for my husband and I... and then this selfish person has no trouble getting pregnant and doesn't seem to truly care about what is best for her baby!!! She sent pictures and in only one of them was she even holding the baby! I understand about post partum depression... but this is just par for the course for this girl... But it still makes me very angry and sad! I guess it just makes me even more convinced that it will happen for DH and I and it will be all the more special because of the struggle... I have many pregnant friends right not, it sometimes doesn't seem fair that it's them and not me, but I am always genuinely happy for them... But this situation has me VERY angry! WOW... I have a cold and am tired... and apparently I just needed to vent! Sorry for the long post and thanks for the understanding ears! I am sure that many of you know how I am feeling! *baby dust to all of us* It WILL happen for us!!!


MuzikGurl - February 6

Hello everyone...sorry it's been awhile...I was wondering I've been taking this Clomid 50mgs. for the past 2 or 3 days and I've been cramping a lot more than usual compared to not taking it. And my cycle is going on 7 to 8 days now...last time it was only 5 to 6 days...I know someone else asked 'does clomid make your cycle longer?' I'm not really that worried about my cycle it's my period I'm worried about...I'm assuming it's normal but, I'm still wondering if anyone has gone through this before....? Meanwhile I'm sitting here waiting for my money to hit my account so I can get some things done today..but, I it doesn't look like it will..hell, I deposited on Friday and here it is money you would think it would be there..ugh...I hate banks! I still haven't tried the green tea I bought but apparently my mother did....>( I bitched at her for it but, she doesn't care..I mean I spent 12 bucks on tea for ME! not HER! I sware sometimes I feel like she's competing against me for MY husband. She cooked some nasty pizza that had brocolli in it and I saw it on the stove and came back in our room and told my husband about it and it looks nasty and he asked what about it and I mentioned it and he was talking bad about it too but, when I was about to take a shower I was getting my stuff and ran some water but haven't gotten in yet I hear him going to the living room talking in a sarcastic tone and baby tone mocking me and what I said about her pizza and brocolli cookings to my mom! behind my back!!! I immediately hollered at him and told me out loud, "you're such a liar, why don't you tell you what you said too???" and he was like, " I didn't say anything about her pizza stuff." I'm like, " Whatever. you're only saying that cause you don't have the balls enough to say it to her face. You're nothing but an ass kisser, you might as well lick her pussy too!!!" I then slammed the bathroom door on his face and locked it. I was so pissed that I was crying. Mom heard the whole thing. When I got out I didn't say a damn thing to either of them...I just left...I went down a block sat there in the car...then called him..I heard my mom tell my husband, if I keep this attitude and shit up then him and I will have to find another place to live. After I heard that I hung up...I went back home my husband and I got into the car, and went driving around and talked I guess we are ok now...but, I had my mother to face...I didn't appologize like my husband suggested I do...but, I'm assuming we are ok..because last night while hubby and I were BD-ing my mom just walked right on in on about buzz killer! I mean, we had thre lights off, door shut (can't lock it, thinking of putting one on!), yea she knocked but, she was knocking as she was walking in and then turned the light on!!! DH and I continued after about a 45 min. wait cause it gave him blue balls...=( poor baby. My mother is just crossing lines that she claims she's not! It's her house I's very small for 5 people, 8 cats and dogs, in a 3 bedroom 2 bath home. But, I know if her and my dad's door was shut with lights off not to even bother them! No respect. Yea, DH and I shouldn't complain about anything considering we aren't paying rent or bills, except our own. We use their water and food and electricity, without cost to us. BUT STILL! DH says I should just let them do whatever they want...ok whatever. We were forced to move out of our old apt. because the city was tearing it down to build a hospital addition to the one that was across the street from us. We didn't save enough up to move into another one plus, we needed the space! So, my parent's took us in until we can get back on our feet...we put 90% of our stuff into storage. Then after we moved in DH got laid off from his job!!! =( I was working but the people I do business with aren't cooperating at all so, I've been looking as well as DH has been too, but hard to when we only have one car. His truck he bought for 500 bucks hasn't gone hardly anywhere! It's a piece of shit if you ask me! '76 datsun. never heard of it until he bought it. Both of our credit is horrible right seems like logically it makes sense for us to concentrate on the job thing and house thing and clearing up debts before the baby thing but, We've already been trying for over a year now and I don't want to give up just there any support or anyone that can relate even the tiniest of bit?!? Sorry about my language in here...but, I tend to speak my mind alot...well, I hope everything is well, you gals...I know it's so hard...I hope everyone has a great day and I'll keep yal'l posted as well as I'm interested in your lives too! Take Care now! Baby dust to all!!! =)


L - February 7

MuzikGurl it sounds like you are having hard times. If you have a lot of stress it can cause you not to get pg. Maybe you should wait until you and your hd find your own place so you won't be so stress about your mom. If you do get pg where would you put the baby if things are already tight.. Good luck


RaeAnnan - February 7

Hello everyone. We decided to get preg about a month ago. I have PCOS and because of everything my body has gone through in the last couple of years it was trying to go into Mentapause. (Im only 28) So we decided before it was too late to get on the ball. I have not started since October of last year and my dr gave me some medicine to help me. (been on the medicine for 5 days and nothing yet). I am getting kinda down. I just want to get the show on the road. Dr also prescribed me Clomid but I have to have the cycle first....



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