Anyone starting 2ww today?
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TL - April 21

Of all the 2ww's I have been thru, this one is weighing much more heavily on me since I just had my 1st IUI done.
We do the blood test May 5th to see if it worked :)
Anyone else in the same situation? Let's wait together.
Good luck and baby dust :)


BAF - April 21

TL, I'm hoping for a BFP on May 4th! I'd love to wait with you. What exactly is a IUI? Just wondering!


sara b - April 22

Inta-uterine insemination. I'm waiting to see if I get a BFP on (or before!!!) May 3rd! It wasn't planned but I feel pg so we'll see. Best wishes.


TL - April 24

Hi Ladies!
Good luck on the BFP's!!
I am quietly waiting for 5/5 to roll around :) The IUI was no big deal. Keep me updated on any symptoms you have.
I had the IUI Fri. morning and on Sat.night when I laid down for bed I had some 'pinching' on my right side of stomach for about 10 min. I am praying it to be implantation cramp, the next morning I kept 'leaking' (sorry tmi). That's all I have had so far. Not too big of appetitie either.......


futuremom - April 25

Hi Ladies, I am glad to find your thread. I want to join you guys. I had my IUI on 22nd. I am taking prometrium daily 2 times vaginally from yesterday.I dont have any symptoms other than light discomfort in my belly, may its just my feeling. TL, we are on the same day almost. let me know your symptoms.


TL - April 26

Good morning futuremom. G/L on that IUI. Was it your first one? It was my 1st. I had it 4/21 at 10am. DF had a great sperm count (odd cuz we were there for initial bad sperm count).Anyways, they had me take 50mg of Clomid on cd3-7 and a shot of Ovidrel before the IUI to induce ovulation. Since the IUI I had af like cramping the day of the procedure. But the next night (almost 48hrs later) I had some pinching cramp on my right side that lasted like 10 minutes and alot of 'leaking' the next morning. Now today which is 5 days past IUI I am 'wet' feeling again. Other than that, not too much going on. My stomach feels kind of odd like I am aware of something but It could just be my imagination.
For months before I had IUI when we just were trying like normal, I had every symptom in the book on most months and no pg .....once af arrived, I would be so upset. By the way, I am taking Prometrium too by mouth twice a day and so far no side effects. I have heard alot of women get dizzy and sick from it.
Good luck and baby dust to you :)


futuremom - April 26

Hi TL,
This is my 5th IUI. I had miscarriage on 2nd IUI, after that this is my 3rd one.My husband have low sperm count. great your husband have good sperm count. what is the sperm count. this iui i had on sat 22nd 2 pm. I had trigger day before. now i taking prometrium twice a day vaginally. Feel little discomfort in in stomach, may its my feeling. no other symptoms. let me know if you have any other symptoms. Good luck to you, hope this is our month.


TL - April 26

Hi futuremom. DF's sperm count 'washed' were 2.5mill 94%motile. That was a big improvement from the initial SA. Those numbers were awful.
I don't know how it got so much better like that.
I ate lunch today at work and feel sick to my stomach. I also feel like my stomach is more 'full' could just be my imagination. Sorry about your m/c that would be so tough. I wonder why some women take Prometrium vaginally and others take it by mouth? Very odd. I have been feeling crabby at DF and just in general 'annoyed'. Could be pg or af on it's way....hoping for the best.
Baby dust, baby dust :)


futuremom - April 27

Hi TL,
My husband count post wash is 2.85, motility is 54%, not that great, but its ok. I have no other symptoms, sometimes I feel heavy in my breats, sometimes I dont, may its prometrium effect. Do you have any other symptoms. Lots of baby dust to you...


TL - April 28

hi futuremom. I meant to say DF's sperm was 24.5 million, not 2.4. They said it was more than adequate....I am feeling excited then dissapointed cause one minute I feel pg, next I dont...
I know I am only one week post IUI. This is all I have noticed. Napping after work, hard to concentrate on homework (In college for B.S Acctg.), sometimes really wet down there, dont want DF near me. This could all be af related or pg related. I keep telling people I wish I would puke or something major !! I am wishing for major symptoms. I am having some light cramping here and there but nothing too major.
How about you? Also, my lining was thin at time of IUI so that could of posed a problem for implantation.
Good luck and baby dust :)


tonia - April 28

Hey TL! I had my IUI today! My dh's washed sperm count 30-40 mil 60% motility, they said it was adequate for i was happy about that, considering DH and I bd everyday and night normally! o TIME or not : ) So I am a week behind you! I go in on next Friday to get my progesterone level checked, dr said my lining was perfect for impnatation. He also said that I had already released on egg and another was ready to go, it was I hope this works for both of us this time. I don't want to do more thatn one IUI! : ) ya know hwat I mean? : )


TL - April 28

Hi tonia! I am so glad the IUI went well for you. Lots of wishes for your 2ww.
I am getting nervous for this Friday coming up. So afraid of the big negative. It's my first IUI and most women dont get it the first time.
My lining was a bit thin, but I have been taking 400mg a day of Progesterone so maybe that is helping a bit.
Not too many symptoms to speak of either, but I dont think most women would feel too much yet.
My stomach feels heavy. Just wondering if a big af is coming this month.
Good luck and baby dust :) Have a relaxing weekend.


tonia - April 28

Oh ggod luck to you too, and have a great weekend yourself! This was my first IUI and I am VERY hopeful, because I probably won't do another one for a while, I will probably go back to bd'ing alot and hope for the best! : ) we'll see ; ) I know I O and dh has sperm, it is a low count, but he is getting an u/s on May 4th to see why he has a low count? So at least he is trying to get "fixed"! Dh had a hard time performing this morning, he was so nervous nad I could tell he was being shy about it AND we were at home too : O~ LOL! I'm going to lunch with dh now! Chat with you on Mionday if I don't see you on again today! Hey, where do you live? I live in Southern Oregon! Beautiful and sunny day! yesssss


TL - April 29

hi tonia! I logged on quick today but will be back Monday.
I had a good feeling last night when I ate dinner (Pizza Hut, nasty yes) but took a nap and kept waking up with the worse heartburn! I mean bad and painful. I have my fingers crossed. I am peeing more and sleeping ALOT lately. Hmmm, hormones or pg...the time is coming soon.
By the way, I live in St.Paul, MN. It's crappy here this weekend. Dreary and rain, but the nice days are coming back next week :)
Hope your feeling well and having a relaxing weekend so those lil' sperms can meet up w/the eagerly awaiting eggs :)
Take care and baby dust.


futuremom - May 1

Hi TL,
Sorry for not beeing in touch, last weekend we went to friends place, thats why I was not able to in touch. on top of that I have too much work at work place. By the way glad to hear your signs. may be you are pregnant, anyways 6 more days to go.peeing more is a good sign. how about your breasts , are they pain? mine are staying big from the day of insemination. its hard also. I also feel heavy in my tommy, im not working out after IUI, may be that could be reason also. Do you know how much was your linning , mine is 7.5, which is fine. Hope we all pregnant. Baby dust to you.


tonia - May 1

HI THERE LADIES! now I am 3dp iui and going nuts! I need something to distract me! Work seems to be slow and that only makes it worse! : ) TL any new symptoms? Futuremom, sara B and BAF how is it going?


TL - May 2

Hi ladies. Hope the 2ww is treating you well.
I took a couple pee tests (10 and 11 days post IUI). BFN both days!
Oh well, I am not losing all hope yet.
I used EPT, I am sure that brand is just as good as the other ones, although I have not researched pg tests too much.
The only thing I am hoping is this: Normally, 1 week before af (due this Friday) my bbs get really really tender and sore. Right now, they feel just fine! No tenderness or anything. I am praying that is good for now. Only other things I have noticed is super bad heartburn last week and sleeping alot last week, heavy tummy, drinking a ton more (coffee, water, pop) so then of course peeing more. The only other thing has been cm on undies almost every day. Normally, I am pretty dry. The wetness started the day after IUI and has not stopped. I hear that Prometrium can cause that ....
How bout' you ladies. Any symptoms, or feeling great.
All in all, if any of us are pg. the symptoms really should not start this soon, I hear it usually starts more like 4 or 5 weeks....What do you think?
Take care and baby dust to you all.



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