anyone starting 2nd round of Femara?
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tb - October 8

i start my 2nd round of Femara tomorrow...i just knew i was pg the 1st time...all i have really done this month is spot(in the morning) and took the test and (-) so i start tomorrow. on my 2nd round......


eb - October 9

Hi tb I just finished my 1rst round of femera i am on cd16 but haven't had ovulation yet. ( or opk hasn't picked it up) Is this normal or do you know which day you ovulated???


eb - October 10

no i didn't know which day i ovulated but i started testing the 11 day and ovulate on the 13 and 14 day.....but so far first cycle didn't work now started second cycle long have you been ttc?do you have pcos?



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