Anyone started CLOMID on Monday?
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Maria - October 12

Hi there.
I have started clomid on Monday.This is my second round.Anyone have started it on or around this time?May be we can wait togather and keep each other updated on how things are going?


Angela - October 12

Hi maria, I started my clomid on Oct. 8th (Saturday) so today is my last day. This is my first round. I have been taking mine at night and have not experienced any side-effects. Keep us posted on how you're doing- I'm sure there are more people out there who could use someone to wait with! Baby Dust*******************************


Maria - October 12

Hi Angela.
Thanks for your reply.Today is my 3th day and i am going to finish clomid on friday. I am taking it one morning and 1 evening......Haven't had any side efect in during the first round and even now.The only thing that I have experienced was crups arojund the ovulation time and i little bit more painfull menstruation.


mandy - October 12

Hi girls, I took clomid about a month ago and I'm not sure when to restart. I had pregnancy symptoms, but they could have been my imagination too. I had spotting about a week ago 8dpo, and then on and off for the last few days. I thought it was implantation bleeding, but now I think it's a shoddy AF. I don't know when I should restart with clomid if it is AF because it's really just spotting and I don't know what day I would be in to start the clomid. Last cycle I started at day 2. Do you ladies have any advice? thanks i appreciate it.


Mega - October 12

Hi Maria & Angela, I just started my 3rd round of Clomid on Monday. It's like starting over for me though b/c the last time I took it was back in June. I'm now on 100 mg. My only real s/e this round has been a continual, low level headache & an occassional hot flash. Yuck. But nothing major, nothing I can't deal with. Are either of you pairing Clomid with IUI this cycle? It's my first round of IUI, I'm pretty excited actually. Mandy--I'd hold off restarting Clomid til you've started full flow. So, your dr has you take Clomid on CD 2 thru 6 then? I'd ask your dr though if he/she still wants you to do it on CD 2 through 6. Are you being monitored during your cycles? HTH.
Good luck ladies!


Kristin - October 12

Hi. I'm starting my second round of clomid tomorrow. I took my first round (50mg) back in May and got pregnant but unfortunately miscarried. I am excited to start again and nervous too. I didn't have any side effects the first time. My dr has increased the dose to 100mg as I ovulated a week later than I should have last time. I wish you all lots of luck!!


Mega - October 12

Thanks, Kristin, good luck to you too.
I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. I hope you suceed this round too & it's a sticky bean, as they say.


To Mega - October 13

Hi Mega.
Yes, my doctor still wants me to take it on day 2 through 6 followed by Menogon injections from day 8 through 11...This is my second round on clomid and i have been and I am monitored all the time.During the first round I have probably missed the right time of intercourse (as i am working as flight attendant and sometime my work involves layovers).This time the Doctor decided to combine the clomid with injectibles but he is still not advising IUI...I am going to finish my clomid tomorrow and then start menogon injections on day 8 through 11..Good luck to you all and a LOT OF BABY DUST......................


kefy - October 14

am starting on sunday i hop eit works and its my first tym


Mega - October 14

Hi Kefy. Good luck. I've heard a lot of first time success stories for Clomid. But if unfortunately it doesn't work the first time, many many people do get a BFP on Clomid on rounds 2 or 3 or 4 even and beyond. I just wanted to remind you of that so you won't get discouraged like I was my first time using it. But then I later found out my DH has morphology issues, which makes a difference too. Keep us posted on how you're doing! I'm hoping 3's a charm for me! Have a great weekend everyone!!!



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