Anyone prescribed ANTIBIOTICSwith CLOMIDfor ur IUI
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aish - April 21

Next month i will go for my 1st IUi ,my Re will prescribe me clomid& antibiotics on my day 3. Anyone who went thru IUi ,did dr. prescribed u antibiotics??/


Ann1 - April 21

My dr prescribes them (doxycycline) with injectibles/iui for both me and dh.


aish - April 21

hi ann1 ,is that ok to take antibiotics? And why dr. give that?


Ann1 - April 21

Dr just wants to make sure you are protected against infection as well as "cleaner" sample from dh. It is fine to take, but you don't keep taking them after iui.


aish - April 21

well ladiesi have UTI also so i will take antibiotics this month also


Staci - April 21

Interesting, I didn't know they did that. I got prescribed antibiotics this cycle while taking my clomid because I was sick! LOL I wishing you girls all the best! Have a great weekend!


Ann1 - April 22

aish, I had a dr's appt today. I am starting a new cycle and asked if I would be taking the antibiotics again. He said once you take the doxycycline, it is good for 6 months. I thought you would be interested in knowing that info. Good luck on your iui.


aish - April 23

Hi Ann1...thats good ,u dont have to take it again....
Actually i used to have burning micturation,found out i have UTI so i am on antibiotics but not i have to delay my IUI till my UTI will get normal



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