Anyone pregnant with NO symptomes during 2ww??
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Lucky - August 11

I am stil hoping but have absolutly NO pregnancy symptomes at CD 21. (My cycles are generally short ~ 25-26 days). Is there still any hope? Anyone in similar situation who later turned out to be PG?!!


Lucky - August 11

anyone? c'mmon girls...! there's gotta be someone out there who can give me SOME hope for this month :-/


bl - August 11

Hi again!! When I got pregnant with ds I didn't have any preg signs until weeks later. There's still hope. :)


Lucky - August 11

THANK YOU bl !!:-)


Tammy276 - August 12

Every woman is different, so just because you are not having any symptoms doesn't mean you are not preggers....I am 7 weeks I just started really getting symptoms a week ago.....I took a pregnancy test just for the heck of it a week before my AF was due, and it was positive...I was shocked because I didn't feel pregnant.......Even when I went for my first appt. 2 weeks ago, I didn't feel pregnant and my doctor told me that if I didn't start getting symptoms that I needed to come back...but sure enough they kicked in!! Good luck to you!


Lucky - August 12

thanks for your post Tammy. wow, you had a + hpt a week before your period was due? obviously your body started producing hcg early on! is this first pgcy for you? thanks again for your post. gives me a bit more hope 4 this month. best wishes for a healthy pgcy to you!


Tammy276 - August 12

No, this is my first one I had sore bb's really bad and really bad exhaustion right away....Yeah, I know, a week before AF was due!! I couldn't believe it......I took like 3 tests cuz the first one I took I was like, no way, its a week before Af is due, it can't be positive, it must be a faulty I went out and bought a digital and sure crap, it came up positive within like a minute!! So have you taken a test yet or are you going to wait until AF should be here? Good luck to you and I hope you see your BFP!!


Lucky - August 12

Thank you Tammy for your positive words. I have taken several tests but they were all too early! Yesterday was my cd 21 and my doc wanted a progestrone check ,so i asked the lab to also run an hcg test! it came back at 7u which is considered pregnant. However, this was at 9dp an HCG shot. (supposed to wait till 14dp shot) . So i now officially am in no man's land which is not any better than where i was before. Thanks again for your encouraging post 2 me!


slowpoke01 - August 12

lucky my doc said the shot is only in your system for a couple of says..i jhad shot on tuesday and i tested wed and it was+ and i tested today and it was - so it shouldnt still be in your system



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