Anyone Pregnant After Abortion???
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DW - November 10

Hi april, i just wanted to say thank you for all the helpful info i really appreciate it. did you find out any news on the fertility monitor? i can definatly relate with the depressing part i am really contemplating to stop taking the ovulex its just really getting to be to much i feel like im the one doing all the trying for the baby and hes acting all calm and confident and i am like freaking out i dont know maybe its me ???? plus the pills are huge and i have to remember to take them twice a day,, i dont know i am probably just being impatient


April - November 10

Hi DW! So far I am the winning bidder on the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor on Ebay. I only have a few hours left and am getting it way cheaper then it would normally cost. Plus it is coming with extra testing strips. I am due to ovulate next week so I hope it comes by then. If not we will use it next month. Don't sike yourself out too much. Have you been to your OB? Has everything checked out for you? I just had my annual exam and PAP and my dr. said everything is fine. He did also tell me that as long as you are having regular periods then you are ovulating regularly. It is the ones that aren't menstruating regularly that you have to worry about. Does ovulex have to be prescribed?


tiana - November 10

hey woman, sometimes abortions leave scaring in ur fallopian tubes my friend had 1 3yr ago and now can not have children....if its not performed right it can leave u infertile xxx good luck and baby dust to u s allxxxx


DW - November 10

April, i hope you get your monitor keep me posted, i have been to my ob she thinks that since im young i should be fine i might go see another one but everything is always fine when i get my annual and i go reguraly and everything seems fine? but no the ovulex is not prescribed i bought it online at there website ,,,oh you ovulate next week good luck im suppose to get mine i hope it doesnt come on!!!


April - November 10

DW: When is your AF due? Mine just ended. It was lighter than usual but my cycle usually only lasts for 3-4 days. That is why I am wondering if I cycle earlier and my ovulation time is off. I have been doing some research the past couple of days, and they say that if your period is short, you ovulate earlier. Last time I got pregnant during my period, so that is making me think I might ovulate earlier as well. What do you think?


sherry - November 10

you do live and learn emma or april, (hope iam reaching the right person here), you are right there 4 certain! most of the time we learn the hard way...i know i always have. my parents were the same way. i was 18 and pregnant as well, and they were trying to litterally drag me to a clinic. had i not spoken to a counseler who helped convince me otherwise, i'd probobly have gone your route, cause my parents cut me off, threw me out on my bum, and abandoned me. talk about rough times. my man was gone as well. he was abusive anyway. i got pregnant from forceable sex to top it off, but my parents never believed that. anyway, after my parents said no abortion no support or home, i went from riche's to rags overnight, and had to stay in a homeless shelter for 8 months. it was one of the most grueling experiences in my life. unfortunately my son passed away from luekemia years later. what kind of justice is in this world?? i loved him so much, i doubt i'd have done anything different at all, but noone should judge you. 18 is a very confusing and difficult time for us all. you did the best you could do at the time, and i know, you will be blessed with another child again, and i do also believe the child you lost will come back to you:) i firmly believe in that! god bless you hon, and if you need to talk iam here for ya:) i got a good feeling you will concieve soon! (i have been a good luck charm for alot of my ttc pals, so i want it to rub off on ya, so here is some dust!) ***tons of special baby dust to you*** hugs, sherry


April - November 11

Thanks Sherry for the kind words! I hope everything is working out in life for you now. So sorry to hear about your son. That is terrible. I am hoping we get pregnant within the next few months. It is just so hard. All of my girlfriends are pregnant or have babies and I am the only one who does not. I am in stores and see all of these wonderful baby clothes and other items, but don't want to buy them yet. I think I have been reading every pregnancy book on earth lately. Since I was forced to get rid of the last one, I want to make sure that I do everything right for the next one. Heck, my body will be healthier and in better shape than it was at 18 yrs. old. My OB suggested that I start taking prenatal vitamins. That assures that the new one will have the right nutrients, as well as mom, when it is conceived. They always say to start them at least 3-5 months before you conceive. The Folic Acid assists in proper brain/spine development and also in any deformities. (Oh, and April is Emma. I was talking to my girlfirend Emma on the phone while I was typing my original post and I ended up typing her name instead!!!) Baby Dust to you all!!! Let's cross our fingers for a BFP this month.


DW - November 11

Hi april, my af is due on the 14th i usally ovulate at the end of the month well thats what the calender says anyway but im not sure about the ovulating earlier thing i would think it shouldnt matter if its light or not the calender says you usually ovulate 10-14 days before your period and i usually know that i ovulated when i get all my premenstrual symptoms sometimes i get them and sometimes i dont. my period is usually 5 days.this whole thing is a roller coaster im sure that moniter will be of great help it should calculate all of that for you i hope you get it maybe it will help both of us!!! sherry i am also very very sorry to hear of your loss but god does work in mysterious ways i will pray for us all im sure we will all make some child very happy one day soon keep your fingers crossed guys!!!!!


sherry - November 11

THANKS APRIL! don't worry it will be your turn soon, i promise. i was ttc #2 for 3 1/2 years before getting pregnant, and i was jealous of everyone, everywhere, i couldn't stand it! i never thought it'd be my turn to have the baby shower, and the newborn in my arms, and eventually my # came up! so will yours:) i have a little girl now, and we are going for it again, au-naturale to see what will happen, but iam sure within a few months time, i'll get those jealousy feelings stirring again, eventhough everyone here that is ttc #1, i pray will get their bfp before me, cause i was lucky enough to be blessed, so i don't wanna be selfish, but your feelings are normal, you are normal, and you will soon get that bfp you are so hoping for. i know it! hugs to you and everyone here. this is such a great support board, so stick around. friends always help get you through.


April - November 11

DW: Well, let's just pray that AF doesn't show up, right? My best friend called me last night to tell me that her 4 month old laughed for the first time and is now starting to grab onto things. Just what I wanted to hear, right? I suppose my time will come. The Lord will bless us when it is our time. All of our family and friends are waiting for us to have a baby and are praying as well. There hasn't been a little on in our family for quite awhile now. My mother-in-law is totally excited because her grandchildren are somewhat older. I keep telling them to be patient and how do they think I feel? You guys are a wonderful support system and lets keep in e-mail address is: [email protected] if you want to talk that way as well.


April - November 11

Sherry: Sorry to hear that it too you so long to conceive. Was there a reason why? Did you take any fertility pills or just do everything natural? My dh is getting anxious. He or I guess I should say we since they call me Mom, have custody of his two children from his previous marriage. One if going to be 14 this month and the other just turned 12. It has been quite awhile since he has done the baby thing and with seeing all of our friends with their kids and babies, he definately is ready to do it again. I hope this month is the month. Wouldn't that be a wonderful Christmas present????


sherry - November 11

i did clomid and iui (had unexplained infertility, and was just plain 'ol sick of waiting), so iam not at the point of doing that again, just yet. maybe by the spring. i know i was capable of getting pregnant, cause i had a misscarriage one time. though i was thinking it was just a horrible period at the time. noone ever knows..i bet everyone has had a miscarriage at some point or another, and you don't even know it, unless you are seeing a speacialist and find out super early on. (called: chemical pregnancy, not the kind that happens well after you know you are preggo) i doubt anything is wrong with you. you also know you can concieve, cause you did once...that is a plus! so i think that timing is key! my hubby was feeling under the weather this month, so i doubt i'll be pregnant this cycle. i tried to push, but there was only so much i could do (he, he). but i just wanna see you girls get that BFP you are dreaming of! i know that stress factors in big time, and may have been my problem., i was thinking ttc 24-7. if you give your mind a short break sometimes..good things will happen! would be the best christmas present ever, and i wish nothing more then that for you, cause it will be the ultimate... trust me!! so, you are a mommy, wow to kids that old already! hats off to you for all you are doing to help those youngsters out. you are a strong, and might i add, very mature 27 year old!! keep it up! you are a great gal, and will be a wonderful mom to your own, VERY soon! hugs, sherry


April - November 11

Thanks, Sherry! You are too kind. Don't give up hope yet. Yes, I think ttc is on my mind 24-7. Sometime it is hard to think about anything else. I promised myself that I wasn't going to get this involved with it. If it happens, it happens. My step-children are very excited. Heather, our oldest, helps babysit all of my friends babies constantly and she just loves them. She is so good at changing diapers, feeding etc.....she is going to be such a help....all my girlfriends laugh because they say I already have a live in babysitter!!! LOL....Pray for us and our BFP's!!! Hugs, April


KThompk - December 21

Great... just reading this entire page put me in tears :o( I am 20 years old and October 2006 I had an abortion at 8w5d. I was relieved afterwards and I thought it was abnormal to not be sad about the abortion. Well about 6 months after the abortion I finally spoke out for the first time and just let it all out. I cried so hard for the first time since that abortion and I think about it everyday. I even went to the Planned Parenthood and requested my medical files to have a picture of my ultrasound. I look at it every once in a while and wonder if it would have been a baby boy, or maybe a baby girl. I am still young but I wouldn't mind having a child. I know why I did it and I'm not sure if it was really the right thing to do. All I know now is that if I were able to conceive again, I would be so happy and keep him/her! My situation was that I had just moved to Seattle all the way from Arizona with a man that I had been together with a year, (We are still together by the way still in Seattle). I have no friends or family in Seattle. They are all in Maryland... and we didn't have jobs yet, we had to move in with his brother and sister in law for a bit until we got on our feet etc. etc. It just didn't seem like the best time to have a baby. 19 years old+no house of our own+no jobs=not good. Now we have a house, we both have great jobs, and I am finishing up school. So to tell you all the truth, I have been TTC for about 4 months and nothing yet. Every period that goes by though, I am content I guess. I think to myself that its just not my time yet but if I were to become pregnant I would do some cartwheels, maybe a back handspring... :o) I would be sooooo happy.

Sorry for writing all of this, I just don’t have friends here in Seattle and I don’t talk to my guy about it hardly ever so it's nice to pretend people are hearing me. It makes me feel better though just to write it all down. We all do it... Imp sure every one of you had a diary! <3 Its like that. Well I feel you ALL, and were in it together even though we don't even know each other :o) Imp here for all of you <3 Take care.



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