Anyone Pregnant After Abortion???
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Emma - November 8

Has anyone every had any trouble conceiving after an Abortion from a few years ago? My husband and I are in the process of trying to conceive. I haven't tried for pregnancy since I had an abortion a few years ago. Has anyone had any issues of conceiving? Baby Dust to all!


mckenzie - November 8

my mom had one last year sometime around the end of the year now she is five month preg. my friend had one in december and know she is five mth preg. i had one about six years ago i was about 18


Emma - November 8

Thanks for the response! I had one when I was 18 as well and I am now 27. Was probably one of the hardest times in my life; and one of the most difficult things I have ever had to experience.


mckenzie - November 8

emman how long have you been trying


dw - November 8

hello ladies i had an abortion when i was 20 also it was the hardest thing to do and now here i am 23 with a loving partner ttc its been about a 1yr been on ovulex for about a wk i will keep you all in my prayers anyone taking ovulex?


sherry - November 9

emma- i know someone who had 5 abortions. yes, you heard that right 5. we are no longer friends, cause her lack of respect for human life, sickens me. you just had 1, and iam not one to sit here and judge you, we all make one huge mistake in our lives, but 5 was crazy, especially while i was trying so hard just to get pregnant myself ya know?. anyway, she has not been able to concieve now that she wants to, however, that was 5 abortions. as far as i know, chances are very much on your side, that you will be able to concieve with some time., it doesn't always come easy for any of us, so i wish you lots of luck. 1 abortion is very highly unlikely to create a problem for you. 18 was a very hard time for us all. iam glad you are back in the game, and looking to start a family now. iam a couple years older then you, but i know there is a big difference between the mind set of a 27 year old, vs an 18 year old, so cut yourself some slack ok? i hope you get one real soon. my best to you. sherry


April - November 9

Sherry, thanks for the kind words. Yes, at 18 I made a lot of mistakes and the abortion was one of them. I didn't want to do it but was forced by my parents. They now regret it as well. You live and learn I guess. We have only been trying to conceive for a couple of months so I can't expect it to happen right away. My OBGYN said that my periods are very regular which is a good indication that I ovulate regularly. My annual exam came back clear this year.


April - November 9

If you don't mind me asking dw, what is ovulex? Are you having fertility issues?


DW - November 9

Hi april no i dont mind you asking im glad to help ovulex is an all natural herbal remedy for people with fertility issues and yes i am definatly having some i have been ttc for a 1yr and no success i have an every 28dy cyc and nothing yet ovulex has a website it is you should read up on it but also do your own research on it because a lot of people dont approve but hey ill give anything a chance if it helps me get a little one plus its all natural herbs how bad can it be and also my cousin has had 4 abortions and just gave birth to two heatlhy twin girls in july with no fertility aid she is very very fertile though,,,if you dont mind me asking how long have you been trying to concieve


Apryl - November 9

DW, I am sorry to hear that you aren't having any success in conceiving. My husband and I have only been ttc for 2 months. He recently had a vasectomy reversal done after 12 years of the original vasectomy from his previous marriage. The dr. said that when they went in semen was definately present on both sides. But it usually takes a good 3 months for the sperm count to really build up again. We are to get it tested in a couple of weeks to see where it stands. The dr. said the best time to conceive is 6-18 months after the reversal surgery. I have only had the one other pregnancy that resulted in the unfortunate abortion. With that one I am living proof that you CAN get pregnant while on your period. Because I did.....and I was on birth control.....What are the odds, right? My husband has two children from his previous marriage and had no troubles conceiving them. They were conceived with in a couple of months. The dr. as well as us, are very optomisitc and are trying to do everything to increase our chances the best we can. With my last pregnancy, I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was 12 weeks along. No symptoms appeared and then one day I sat down to breakfast and had to run to the bathroom. I was extremely tired by 12 weeks and knew something was wrong. When my parents found out, they were livid. You know what happened after that....It is still very hard for me to deal with and if it would have been my choice, it would never have happened. Sorry, for blabbing and telling you my life story!!!


DW - November 9

Hi april sorry to hear about your story i definatly think you will be okay especially since the docter said your chances are good. good luck to you i hope we both will be hearing the pitter patter of little ones soon i cant take it anymore its so stressfull hoping and praying your period doesnt come on month after month im starting to think maybe it is him? dont mean to sound stupid but which dr checks the male sperm count? cause i think he should get checked out what do you think? im hoping the ovulex will work did you read up on it? i know you dont need it but i would like to know what you think about it?


Apryl - November 9

DW, I think having is sperm count tested isn't a bad idea. You never know, it could be low and that is the reason why you are having trouble conceiving. He may have a good count but low motility, which means they aren't fast swimmers. My husbands dr. prescribed him Vitamin E to take for the next 3 months. It is supposed to help build up the sperm count and make sure they are healthy and strong. I would continue to take the Ovulex but if it turns out that his sperm count is the reason, I would stop and not waste the money. Nature will take its course for all of us when it is ready. I have to keep telling myself that. All of my friends are pregnant or have just had babies. I am the only one without a little one. It hurts, but I have waited 4 years with my husband to get his reversal so a few more months won't hurt, right??? In order to get his count tested he would need to go and see his regular dr. and he in turn would then contact a labratory and refer him there.


queen - November 9

I was wondering the same thing. I had an abortion at the age of 17...I am now 26 and can not seem to fall pregnant. DH and I have been trying for over a year. I have been wondering if having that abortion effected my fertility.


DW - November 9

April, thanks for the info i will definatly tell him to see his doctor and i definatly dont think that a few more mths will hurt i know its hard but we have to keep on wanting this i will see if he will take the vit e pills he has trouble swalloing pills though, and to queen i dont think that the abortion affected our fertility because some people have 5 and 6 my cousin had four and was even on depo ( the bc) for a little while and got pregnant right away i think if there are no problems then some people are just not as fertile as others sucks right i feel like april everybody i know has kids and i cant have one good luck ttc!


pam - November 9

Emma: my friend had an abortion when she was young, but went on to have 3 beautiful children - all "unexpected pregnancies" (meaning - she didn't have a hard time conceiving after her abortion). Good luck to you.


April - November 9

DW, there are Vitamin E supplements over the counter that he could take as well. My husband is taking the gel type tablets because the others are hard to swallow as well. We will just have to keep the faith ladies!!! I am bidding on a Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor on Ebay. Hopefully this will help us conceive. It is just so depressing...


DW - November 10

Hi april, i just wanted to say thank you for all the helpful info i really appreciate it. did you find out any news on the fertility monitor? i can definatly relate with the depressing part i am really contemplating to stop taking the ovulex its just really getting to be to much i feel like im the one doing all the trying for the baby and hes acting all calm and confident and i am like freaking out i dont know maybe its me ???? plus the pills are huge and i have to remember to take them twice a day,, i dont know i am probably just being impatient



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