anyone preg with low sperm count??
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sal - March 25

I need some positive stories. Is there anyone out there who has got pregnant through IUI and a dh with low sc. I hope.........


EMM - March 26

My husband and I got in 2003, and now we have a perfect baby boy! Well, a toddler....anyway. My DH was told his whole life that he has a low sperm count and cannot have children. We did nothing. We just got pregnant. Now we are trying again, but it hasn't happened. DH recently had an SA done, and the count was only 2 million. We believe that we will be able to do it again. We did it once before with no help whatsoever, so it can be done. I was on here one time asking the same question as you, and someone pointed out to me that I am a success story. Don't give up. We are thinking of doing IUI as well. The only thing that I can tell you is that it happened for us when DH was told to forget it, so it is definitely possible. DH has had testicular cancer, and a ton of other medical trouble. We did it, and so can you!


sal - March 26

EMM, thank you so very much for your response. That is the story I so needed to hear right now. It will happen for both of us.


EMM - March 26

You are very welcome. Good luck to you as well. My husband is on some supplements and vitamins. You might look into it too. Best wishes....


abby - March 26

How many times has your dh had his sperm analyzed? My dh had a low count, then normal count , then low, then normal....(the reason i know this is because we did multiple IUI's)...but anyway, we got pregnant on our own this December. So, I don't think one sa test is the end all be all of the story! I am sure it will happen for you too! Good luck!


Amym - March 27

I am also glad to hear from someone that has gotten pregnant with a low sperm count. Abby, did the doctor say why your dh's sperm count went up and down so much?? My dh has only had one done and I am hoping to have another one done in a couple months to see if there is an improvement.


sal - March 27

Abby, we have had several sa's done as well because of IUI. We have fluctuated, but when you starting with a low count the fluctuations seem so dramatic. I have been told that illness, stress etc. can effect sc. What were the approximate #'s for your dh. We range from 23 million (7million washed) down to 1.2 million. The key probably is relaxation on both parties but it is soooooo hare. Thanks for your success story.


Leilani14 - March 27

Hi sal! My DH had both count and motility issues. In 8 months he went from 13mil/ml ans motility 23% to 34mil/ml and 54% motility. When we discover the bad results he started vitamins and antioxidans. Each SA was a little bit better. I got pregnant a few months before his results became normal. I think that the fact that your DH fluctuate in numbers means that there is no major testicular failure and I think that is good. Take care


Maren - March 31

Leilani14, what kind of antioxidents and vitamins did your dh take?


deliahm - April 5

hey leilani 14! i was also wanting to know what kind of antiox and vitamins your hubby takes. thanks!


abby - April 8

Hi Sal and AmyM...Sorry that it took me so long to reply, i lost this tread! Anyways, my dh sperm count ranged from as low as 4 mil to as high as 74 million...not sure why there was any fluctuation, other than maybe different times of the seemed to be higher in the winter. Even more interesting though was that we were doing IUI mainly because I was told that I had "hostile" cm which killed my husband's sperm. We did IUI for 1 year and then got pregnant on our own...miracles do happen!!!! The month we got pregnant we had decided to take a break from IUI and we took a week vacation. I guess relaxation and not stressing out over conceiving does help sometimes although often hard to do when you want a baby so badly. We are just thrilled and I am now 17 weeks. I hope all goes well for the both of you. Never give up hope!


Leilani14 - April 10

Hi! Sorry for not responding sooner. My DH was taking GNC brand multivitamns and L-carnitine and Pycnogenol. His doctor couldn't believe the improvement, he kept asking DH what was he doing differently and when he told him that the only thing he changed was to take vitamins regulary dr. didn't believe that vitamins and antioxidans made such difference. DH and I we believe that he was/is exposed to something in environment that cused such low count and poor motility and antioxidans and vitamns helped get rid of it. He is still taking them.


TL - April 10

Hi ladies. We are dealing with male infertility too.
Our specialist told us he has 0% normal sperm and very low motility but a high count. The high count is not what they are concerned with.
I am going to get him vitamins too because he smokes ciggs and I have heard that can affect it, although doc says it's usually genetic reasons.
We are undergoing first IUI at the end of this month. I have my fingers crossed.


Leilani14 - April 10

Hi TL! Vitamins and antioxidans can't hurt. It is something to try. I was a little upset with Dh dr that he didn't even want to consider the posibility that vitamins helped. My experience is that dr actually know very little about male infertility. Take care and good luck with IUI.


TL - April 11

Hi. I agree that the doc's have no advise for male infertility. I asked her if his smoking or anything else could cause it, or what could he do now to help it out.
All she suggested was to see a Urologist to check it out. The fertility clinics view the sperm levels on a much more strict way because if a couple is going IVF that can cost 10K per cycle and they want to know that sperm will work! I am holding hope that my DF will be ok because we are going forward with the IUI this month and using his sperm.
Take care!


Shauna - April 12

Im new to this site so bare with me. My DH and I have been 'trying' for 5 years and last year we found out its my DH that is the prob. Just 3 weeks ago he had a varicocelectomy. We have heard that the success rate is low. Has anybody else DH had this and was there success in the baby news?



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