Anyone ovulating this week?
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Elynka - December 2

Anyone ovulating this week and want to offer support for each other? I have been ttc for almost a year, and the months just seem to be getting longer and longer.


Ashley - December 3

i am ovulating this week and my husband just left for a week (for work). this is the first time i have cycled since august. i was on birth control for 10 years and we have now been trying to conceive for almost a year.


Elynka - December 3

That makes me frown. Can you get a flight or do something really drastic like that? Maybe it would make things really romantic.

I guess this would be for baby #1? Maybe something will happen and he can come home early. My heart goes out to you.


Lb - December 3

Hi i just did an opk test stick and it is positive so now the bd begins, i will wait with you if you would like, i am trying to concieve for a subsequent pregnancy after i lost my first born at 24 weeks in sept so this is my first real cycle after my loss. I so want to be pregnant again and it took me a year to get pregnant the first time around, are you getting any signs of ovulation, i got twinges on my lower abdomen and hoping i time it right, LB


Elynka - December 3

I would love to wait together Lb. I have no signs of ovulation yet, but the calender and the tests have been like clockwork for several months now. I really don't know what else to do. I am terribly sorry for your loss. I have no idea what that must be like. Are you ready to try again so soon? I hope that this month is your month. I keep telling myself that this month will be it...a great Christmas present. I hope Santa realizes that we have been good girls all year.


LB - December 4

Hi Elynka, Yes loosing my son was the single most difficult thing that I have gone through, i have lost friends, mother in law, grandfather and nothing absolutely nothing was or will ever be as painful. I had lost him to preterm labour for no known reason, every checkup and ultrasound was perfect and so to loose him for no reason is something very hard to deal with. The only thing that will change with my next pregnancy will be that i am a high risk pregnancy and will be monitored more closely , my doctor is a very good man and i know he will take good care of me( this isn't the same doctor i had the first time) he is more of a specialist. I might have an incompetant cervix which means i will have a cerclage put in if my cervix starts to thin out too soon, but the chance of carrying to term is like 95% if it is caught early enough. Anyways my husband and i are trying to do the bd as much as possible, so i really hope that we make it this month, but i am still stressed out so i don't know if i ovulated for real or not , it's good to wait together bring on the tww, torture though:(


LB - December 4

I forgot to mention i hope this is your month as well, if you have any symptoms let me know i will let you know what symptoms i had before, moral support though it took me over a year to get pregnant the first time as well so hang in there it will happen have you had any other tests done yet? which opk are you using? take care for now i will check in tommorrow, LB


Elynka - December 5

Hey LB sorry that I didn't check yesterday. I was busy. Having lots of family in for the holidays, and I have to be prepared. I read your response about your child, and I could not imagine.

I already have 1 child, and the thought....

Well, as far as the wait for the second baby. It has been LONG. We weren't even trying (my husband was told that he cannot have children), and BAM pregnant. Now, we have this ovulation thing down to a science, but still no results. We are starting to think that maybe our son is simply put, a miracle. If we have not conceived this month we are both going to the doctor at the beginning of the year. I received my tests in the mail today, so I am armed and ready for the middle of next week.


LB - December 6

Hi Elynka, well i am 2 days past o and no symptoms so far, i got a few menstrual cramps though and i don't have any symptoms like i did through my last pregnancy though, but then again it is way too early if this month was succesful, i will keep you updated as i go along so you are set to ovulate next week ? i think those opks are a godsend which kind did you get? i don't think my husbands sperm is at top quality as well because it did take us over a year and he takes highblood pressure meds which i read can have a determental affect on sperm quality so we shall see.. let me know how you are doing LB


Elynka - December 6

I have stopped using the ovulation predictor kits. When I did use them I used Clear Blue Easy. My aunt recommended them to me, and she has four children. Each month I would get the same days, and I decided to use the money to buy pregnancy tests in bulk instead. I already ovulated, (I also am 2 days passed o)and I have some cramps which could be gas pains...not too sure. My cycle lasts 27 days, so according to my calender I can test at the earliest on the 13th.
When I was pregnant the first time I didn't notice any symptoms, but when I found out that I was pregnant then it all hit me how weird I had been acting.
My husband doesn't take blood pressure meds, but he does take beta blockers and a generic Lopressor. I never really thought about that effecting his sperm too much. His doctor told him that he probably couldn't have children unless he had a corrective surgery. He didn't have the surgery, and we got pregnant once. Maybe he needs the surgery after all. Well, keep me up to date with what is going on with you.
Not to be too cheesy, but I am glad that I have someone to kind of go through this with this month. My husband means well, but he is not exactly the same as a female in sort of the same position. So, thanks. Talk to you soon.



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