Anyone ovulate twice in a cycle??
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babyloves2play - March 21

I was wondering if anyone has ever had a really long cycle where they ovulated twice. My doctor won't give me anything to make me start my period and I'm on day 39 and I'm not pregnant but I took clomid this cycle. I'm wanting to hurry up and start af so I can start next cycle of clomid. Has anyone taken clomid twice in a cycle if af won't start? Curious as to whether or not ovulation can happen twice in a cycle if you don't start af. Thanks for any info! ~*~*Babydust to ALL*~*~


Tracy - March 21

Before clomid, how long were your cycles? Do you know when you ovulated this month? Like what day? Did your doctor take a progesterone test one week after ovulation? If so, what was your progesterone level? I am asking all of this because while on clomid, I ovulated a little later than normal, had very high day 21 progesterone levels and my period was late. AF showed 6 days late this past cycle....completely unheard of for me, but my day 21 progesterone level was a 53. All they want to see is a 15 or higher, and that indicates a solid ovulation.


babyloves2play - March 21

Thanks for anwering Tracy. My cycles are around 31days. I believe I ovulated around cd 22 which is later than usual. I usually ovulate on cd 17. Not sure about my progesterone level but I believe it was high due to the side effects I had after ovulation (similar to pregnancy symptoms). Pregnancy tests all negative but I believe I really ovulated (cramped bad) and BD'd when I was suppose to. I'm around 8 days late for af now. I'm hoping to start in the next week. I was just wondering if it was possible to ovulate again before af. Started keeping up with temps too late (around a week ago) but it is on the downward side which I thought meant af is on the way. Do you know about the temp changes when keeping up with BBT?



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