Anyone ovulate later on Clomid?
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twiggy - April 17

Hi I am on cd 14 and still no signs of ovulation. My dr says not to worry that I may just ovulate later than usual from the Clomid. I took it on days 5-9. Anyone else know about this?


nic - April 17

On Clomid I ovulate around day 21!


mommy2josh - April 17

Hi twiggy. You should generally ovulate 5-9 days after u take your last pill. I took clomid days 5-9 in October, ovulated day 19 of my cycle. resulted in pregnancy, which unfotunately ended up in miscarriage. So dont worry u still have sometime to ovulate. Good luck and lots and lots of baby dust to you.


MuzikGurl - April 17

Hey Twiggy, I took clomid two rounds of 50 mgs. on days 6-10 and the last round I ovulated late and the dr. didn't even think I would get pregnant this month at all so he gave me another round of Clomid but 100 mgs. but a day before I got ready to take it I noticed my temps were staying high and came back in and took a urine pg. test and guess what...I am pregnant now! I am according to my calculations 5-6 weeks pregnant. So, don't give up hope just because u ovulate late. Keep trying!!! Dr. didn't even have hope for me no one did not even myself but, evendently me ovulating late was a good thing and I actually got, good luck and don't give up! Take Care!!!


BabyDreams26 - April 18

I feel like I ovulated cd16 or 17. My OPK was positive on 2 tests on cd16. I am currently cd18 and already so anxious to find out what the heck is going on! I did not ovulate on my first round of Clomid at 50mg so this cycle I took 100mg cd5-9. Baby dust to all!...


Tracy88 - April 19

On clomid I usually ovulated on cd15 or 16.


Staci - April 20

I didn't get a +OPK until cd 17 this cycle. My very shot at clomid I didn't ovulate at all! So hang in there! There is still plenty of time! I am not in the 2ww wait. AF is due on the 25th. I have been having lots of symptoms, but I am trying not to get my hopes up!! The worst thing I have done to myself it test too early! So once you O save yourself that pain and don't test until AF is due! ;) LOL


Staci - April 20

Geez, I had a ton of typos. Very first shot at Clomid, didn't work. This time it did! I AM in the 2ww! Wishing you the best of luck!


BabyDreams26 - April 20

I am also in the 2ww...AF should be here around the 28th...which will be cd28 for me also. I am currently on cd20 and I think 3-4dpo. I still have sore nipples...hopefully this is a good sign?!!Baby dust to all...



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