Anyone out there pregnant after several m/c?
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Amber - November 29

Hello Everyone - I just found out today that my IUI worked ....I got a BFP, however, I've had 3 m/c and I am so worried that this one will end as well. I would love to hear some success stories or if anyone else is struggling through this same problem.


Lee - November 30

Has your RE run any bloodwork to look for coagulation and auto immune issues? After my last miscarriage the doctor found that I had two easily treatable things in my blood, one in particular is lupus anticoagulant. He feels strongly that this played a part in recurrent miscarriage for me. I would suggest you ask for that bloodwork if you haven't had it. If you have it you will just stay on a blood thinner. I have two friends that have had the treatment and have lovely baby girls. Best of luck and congrats on the BFP.


Lee - November 30

Hello Lee - Yes, I've had all the test. I have anticardiolipin which is probably why I've had the m/c's, however, the last pregnancy in August I was taking the blood thinner shots (fragmin) once a day as well as a baby aspirin - and I still had a m/c. I am just hoping this one sticks. Are you ttc now?



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