Anyone out there have Hyperprolactinemia???
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L - April 7

Anyone out there have Hyperprolactinemia and having trouble getting pregnant????


Cutie - April 8

Dear L, what is hyperprolactenemia? I am sorry, I just dont know ... :)


TS - April 8

Yes!!! I have been reading on this website for months and starting thinking I was the only person in the world with high prolactin!! My dr. had me go through all kinds of tests to rule out a pituitary tumor etc. I have had to take Dostinex on and off for almost a year, first just to have a period after not having one for 18 months! I was on the pill for 10yrs. and from what I have read the pill disrupted by bodies ability to make progesterone, which is what causes high prolactin. I am TTC and am having no luck!


L - April 8

To Cutie - Hyperprolactinemia is when you have high levels of the hormone prolactin. There are a number of different causes that can cause these levels to be high, however it can have an affect on fertility and getting pregnant if not treated for it.


L - April 8

To TS - I am glad to see I'm not the only one out there with it. However mine is due to a pituitary tumor. I was diagnosed with it almost 8 years ago now and have been taking Dostinex for 3 of them however I can't seem to get my levels down past 48, which isn't too bad. I will say that it might be difficult at first to get pregnant, but I am currently pregnant and have been pregnant before as well even though my cycles were all out of wack. So hang in there. I know my last cycle was a 39 day cycle and I ovulated on day 26 on my cycle and got pregnant. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


TS - April 9

To L- congratulations to you! and thanks so much for the confidence boost! I too have 35-39 day cycles since going on Dostinex and have been wondering if there is hope for me with such late ovulation. Thanks again for the encouragement.


Amber - April 28

About 2 years ago I went to my doctor with problems with irregular periods. Bloodwork revelled high prolactin levels and further testing revelled a pitutary tumor. For the past 2 years I have been expressing my desire to have a baby but was always put off saying that they needed to know exactly what was going on. So to make a long story short, they still aren't 100% sure that it is a nonfunctioning tumor....they need more time! I told the doctor today that I want to start trying now and he said that is fine but I had to understand that there is a risk (although small) that pregnancy could cause opitical nerve damage in the later stage of pregnancy. Has anyone who is pregnant had problems with this? Or if anyone has any information, I'd love to know.
Thank you!! :)


Margaret1016 - November 21

I have hyperprolactinemia. My docotr(s) have no idea why. I have regular CAT/MRI scans depending on my yearly symptoms, and they have never found a tumor. Basically they told me I can take Dostinex and have a scan every 3 years or not take Dostinex and have a scan every year. I opted to go with out Dostinex because there are to many contraindcations. I would really like to know why I continue to have this problem, but my doctor(s) can't find anythin. ANyway, the reason I am posting. . .I would like to know if there are any problems during pregnancy associated to hyperprolactinemia. I know that is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. . .since I don't have a tumor. . .I'm just curious? ? ? Help? ? ?



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