Anyone Out There Been TTC for Over 2 Years??
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KristRye - April 22

Hi ladies. I hope that all of you are doing well. :) I did my first injection last night for my IUI. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Anyway, welcome to the thread Nicole. I would really try and move forward w/ your doctor. I do have mild endo and I have been having lots of treatment and testing for the last two and a half years. I know your DH may not want to do the SA but maybe you can just get the container and take it in for him. I had to do that all four times w/ my DH because I think it's embarassing to walk into the lab w/ a cup of your juice. LOL Although, I have no problems w/ it. If you have endo you should just as for the Lap because then he can diagnosis your endo and check your tubes at the same time. I did the HSG first because the doctor said that sometimes after the HSG you get pregnant because it clears out any small particles that might be in there. So I did my HSG in March of 2004 and my LAP in May of 2004.....I didn't get a BFP in those two months. :( After my Lap I had to do the Lupron for three months (which was June, July, August....didn't get AF until end of Sept. Then I didn't O until Jan of 2005) so in Jan of 2005 I was ready to rock and roll again. But, after another year of a three month cycle of Clomid and doing CBEFM and stuff....NOTHING. Now I am trying IUI. I just really recommend that you get as much testing as they will give you. The more you know the better and maybe you will find the problem and be able to fix it. :) well, ladies I have to go for now but take care and I hope all of you get your BFP's. :)


Cloe - April 23

Good luck with the IUI KristeRye!


En - April 24

Hi girls! Hope all of had a great wkend! Well, my temp is dropping even lower, so I'll expect af in a day or 2:( Will b seeing gyn this wed, (prob for the last time), abt the S.A. After this, I'll b wkg hard on our own :p and prob go for the lap when I'm back home after Aug. Well, unless miracle happens, of cse:) Cloe--haha.. I get wat u mean. Temping **bluffing** is quite tempting! Krist--gd luck for ur IUI!


Cloe - April 24

Well, I am seriously considering buying one of those Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitors. I need to find the best place to buy it. Unfortunately I will have to buy it online because they do not sell them on the shelves here. Maybe my drugstore can order it in.


KristRye - April 24

I would definitely buy the CBEFM I have had mine for about two years and I absolutely love it. It tells me every month like clockwork when I am O'ing and even tells me when I'm not. :) Anyway, I hope that you are all doing well. Take care and talk to you soon.


Cloe - April 24

It works out that the CBEFM is available for sale in Canada at select drug stores!! whoooohoooooo


KristRye - April 25

That's such great news Cloe. :) I hope that you find great success w/ it. My old boss used it for just one cycle and got her BFP. (Twice) Maybe it will be EXACTLY what you need. :) Baby wishes for you. :)


Cloe - April 25

Thanks KristRye! Baby wishes for you too! You know there are a lot of BFPs on this forum amongst women who have been ttc for years. That gives me hope too. Murphy's Law says I will spend the hundreds on the monitor and already be pregnant. Wouldn't that be something! One girl on here Muzikgurl bought her next higher dose round of Clomid and then was waiting for a deadline to start the pills if her AF didn't show. That was a close call. But the money doesn't really matter as long as we get our BFPs! Good luck KristRye


En - April 26

Hi gals! Af finally showed face on Mon! So tat's another mth for me:) Well, jus waiting for time to pass so tat we can b happily bding again! Seeing gyn later abt the S.A. Hope all turns out well:) Gd day girls!


Cloe - April 27

Sorry to hear about the arrive of AF En! It is always frustrating, but soon you can try again! Almost seems like looking under a pop bottle cap and seeing "Please play again" How are you doing KristeRye. When do you start your IUI? I am waiting patently for my appointment with my doctor next week.


Cloe - April 28

Just bumping our thread up some :)


Sara - April 28

Hi ladies, I've been ttc for almost 3 yrs now and with no luck. I'm finally being referred to a fertility clinic. my 1st appt is May.10. I've been throught the whole nine yrds (as most of you prob been too). Clomid, metformin etc... I'm hoping to start IUI but I guess I'll have to wait to see what the doctor says. My OB/GYN says I have unexplained infertility,, but most likely I have cysts on my ovaries which he never comfirmed with an U/S. Anyway I'm ready to move on the next step which excites me but I'm scared too.


Cloe - May 1

Good luck Sara! Sorry I never responded sooner, I had a busy weekend so I never had any time on the computer. I wish you lots of luck with the fertility clinic. I am still going through the usual routine with the OB before moving on to the fertility clinic. I have just finish taking 6 cycles of Clomid on 50 mg, which did make me ovulate, but so far no pregnancy. I am now on CD 26 of the 6th and last cycle of Clomid, so I am kind of scared of what is to come if no pregnancy yet.



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