Anyone on Glucophage for PCOS?
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Annie - June 4

I started glucophage this month and something is definitely happening to my body. My DH and I bd'd a lot this month in the hopes of ttc and especially around my Eggwhite CM phase...but now as I am nearing AF (a couple of days away) I am feeling sore nipples, bloated tummy, mild cramps for a week, and creamy white discharge. I am not sure if this is PMS or maybe PG.....anyone out there with similar experiences?


Drew - June 4

Hi Annie, I too started the same thing this month, along with Clomid. I was supposed to have af on the 31st, and still nothing. Its usually late anyway, but this was "supposed" to give me a more regular cycle. But I started having sore nipples yesterday, extra cm, a "busy" feeling in lower tummy, and peeing alot... which is unusual for me. I'm going to test in the morning, so I'll let you know how that goes. But with my daughter urine tests never showed up till late in the third month. Lets keep our fingers crossed we are feeling good ol pg symptoms! Good luck!


Annie - June 4

Drew, yes please let me know how your test turns out. It is nice to know there are others going through this! I am only on glucophage but maybe my obgyn will put me on clomid too. It is strange to think that these might be PMS symptoms but something is definitely going on. It is too early for me to test but I would love to know how yours turns out! I'll keep my fingers crossed! Good luck!


Drew - June 4

Hi Annie, well, yet another negative. And actually only a couple hours after I tested I started to spot. Not alot, but I think its too late to be implantation bleeding. :( Talk to your gyn about Clomid or something like it. Even though af was late this month, it was only a couple days. Thats a big difference for me cause its usually only every couple of months I even get it. So, I'm closer to being "regular" than I have ever been. How are you feeling today? Any other symptoms showing up?


Annie - June 5

Hi Drew, I am sorry to hear about your BFN. But it is great of you to look on the positive side of being more regular. It will happen to us, I am sure of it. I still have not had my visit from AF, but like you I am not regular. I have the same symptoms but slightly more nauseaus. Maybe I will be getting AF in the next couple of days. I have an appt. with my obgyn on Tuesday and so I will talk to her about these symptoms. I will let you know if I hear anything. Good luck and baby dust your way.



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