anyone on clomid and glucophage(metformin)??? any success
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kotkot005 - May 1

well girls .. this is my third cycle on both clomid100mg and glucophage(metformin).. i used clomid interreptuly on the last year ..never finished a whole 6month cycle cause of different purposes .. one of them getting pregnant and miscarried at 6 weeks. anyways.. i am looking for stories regarding the combination of both clomid and metformin.. clomid has always been succesful alone in inducing ovulation but with no sucsess.. hope to hear from u girls!


Kerri_md - May 2

Kotkot005---I just wanted to wish you luck with the Clomid + Metformin....I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I tried Clomid back in August '05 but I didn't O within the 5-10 days post the last pill, but I did O on my own on CD 31 and then I began taking Metformin for PCOS on CD32(1dpo) and I"m still taking 1000 mg of Metformin and my baby girl is doing great and healthy! So just thought I"d pass on some encouragement and baby dust!


JB0405 - May 9

Hi Ladies, I am taking 2000 mg of glucophage(metformin) a day and trying to get pregnant... I have taken clomid on days 5-9 of my cycle and I have not gotten pg yet... Kot, don't give up! Kerri, thanks for your story as it makes us feel better and have some sort of hope! Ladies, keep me posted on your progress as I will do the same!! Belly rubs & Baby dust to you!


kotkot005 - May 12

hey kerri and JB ! thanks kerri for th eencourgement .. i wish u a very safe 9month trip .. u eventually deserve it. and you jb it seems we are on the same boat .. to let you know more about me .. i have been on clomid for several months i fall pregnant last june and miscarried .. clomid alone is successful in inducung ovulation as i have PCOS ... several months ago i changed my doctor who prescribed me both metformin and clomid100mg ... i have been told that the glocophage is pretty good for the insulin resistence plus if pregnancy happens it limits the danger of miscarriages.
i am 25 and i have been trying for 21 months now and it seems like an ever.. i wish u all the luck. by the way how old are both of u? and since when have u been trying? bye


JB0405 - May 12

Hi Kot... sorry to hear about the miscarriage... as I am sure it is very hard to deal with. As for me, I changed drs in February and my glucophage & synthroid ( I have hypothyroidism) were increased... I, like you are very insulin resistant so there's the reason for gluco. My husband and I have been together for 6 years & married for 8 months... we have never tried to prevent pregnancy but we have been officially trying with dr help for almost 3 mos. I am 30 yo and he will be 30 in a few weeks... We just had our 1st IUI session yesterday so I have to self inject my hcg again next tues. ( I injected the day before IUI) and then on 5/26 if there's no AF I go in to see the dr. I am quite anxious!! The waiting is the hard part! Good Luck & lots of baby dust!



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