Anyone on Clomid?
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Laura - April 8

Wondering about if clomid works? Anyone?


S - April 9

Look at Clomid success story in this Problems getting pregnant section, and U will find that there are many successes with Clomid. But it depends on what kind of infertility problem is the issue. Clomid works best for anovulation. Hope this helps.


Heather - April 9

I got pg my first round of clomid 50mg cd5-9.


Dawn - April 10

I just got results back from a blood test and my level is 1.5, i believe that its supposed to be 15. I was prescribed clomid i start taking it next month. Has anyone had a level that low, taken clomid and still got pregnant?


Luna - April 10

Laura I was on clomid in feb 05 it was my first time and I am now 7+2wks pregnant I've had an early scan on friday as my last pg was ectopic and I lost a tube. I saw my beanie and it had a strong heart beat. I had been trying to get pg for over 2yrs and I was amazed that clomid worked first time. It doesn't always work first time but lots of ladies do get pg on clomid.



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