Anyone on CD 1(or around) & about to start clomid this cycle
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Addie - January 24

Just wanted to see if anyone was in any similar situation. I'm on CD1 (after round of prometrium) and starting my first round of clomid days 5-9...Anyone need a cycle buddy??? I've never taken clomid and hoping it will work in the first month (prob. wishful thinking)....


patty - January 24

hi addie-just wondering why were you on prometrium and why did you get switched to clomid ?.


eb - January 24

Hi addie today is cd 3 for me, this will be my 2nd round of clomid. I should start it on thursday, waiting on re to call back so i'll know if my dose should stay the same or if it'll be different. What dose are you going to be taking?


addie - January 24

I do not ovulate on my own, thus i don't get AF on my own. Prometrium induces AF and starts the cycle. Clomid induces ovulation. To eb: I will be taking 50 mg days 4-8... Did you ovulate on your first dose?? How many mg did you take?


addie - January 24

Oh yeah, I will begin my clomid on thurs. the 26th....exciting...but how were your side effects eb??


eb - January 24

I am not sure if i ovulated or not. I took 50mg but my af started on day 20 and i wasn't even due to check my progest. until mon day 21, so that is why i'm waiting on re to call me today.


Ness - January 24

I start Clomid tomorrow. I will take it days 3-5 and then I start Gonal F injections on day 5 also. This is my first round of injections, and will be doing an IUI this cycle as well. The only side effect I have ever had using clomid are hot flashes. GOOD LUCK!!


eb - January 24

well addie, my re just called and i won't be starting clomid this month. He wants me to take a couple of cycles off of meds ( I've done 4 cycles of femera and 1 cycle of clomid) b/c my cycles are getting shorter on the meds. So we are going to just relax for the next 2 months and go on 3/27 for an appt and decide what next. Good luck to you. The side effects got pretty rough , hot flashes very moody. Try taking it in the afternoon early evening. That seemed to help me.


addie - January 25

oh, eb...good luck to you, I hope everything works out for you. I never imagined getting pregnant would be this difficult...I hope we both get a + soon.


Addie - January 25

Ness, so you're on CD 2 too. I am going to take my clomid right before bed. The prometrium made me soooooo tired that I'd fall asleep within an hour, so that's why I try to take everything at night. I'm so nervous. I haven't ovulated in 6 months. I just don't want to get my hopes up and then end up with a BFN. I need to be more patient! Have you ever done the IUI before?? I hope it works for you.



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