Anyone on CD4 or close, and trying clomidw/IUI?
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Chas - March 19

I am going to try clomid this time with monitoring, trigger shot and IUI. We did IUI last month, no meds. Not successful. Hoping this will be the one! 2nd day of clomid right now, getting u/s on 3/28 to check follies. Anyone in the same boat, please join ! I can't wait to see what the clomid does for the follies !


Chas - March 21

Day 4 of clomid, one more today and then next week O time! I am getting a u/s this time to look at follicles and the hcg shot. Hope the timing is right! Hoping for IUI on CD14 since Dh is leaving out of town on CD15!!! Anyone else waiting for O and getting IUI ??



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