Anyone not get BFP until WAY after AF due???
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kclarkadpi - July 4

I'm just looking for others' experiences! I was on Clomid, and ovulated according to OPK this month. I was due for AF last Thurs, so now I'm 4/5 days late if I go by the OPK. I have taken lots of HPT and took a blood test today...I got a BFN on both. However, I definitely am having preg. symptoms (dizziness, lots of creamy CM, slight nausea). WIth my first baby, I didn't test positive on an HPT until 2 weeks after AF was due (but didn't take a blood test until that point, either). Has anyone else had the same experience? What was the outcome? Is it possible to test negative this early after missing AF, yet still be pregnant? Please share!!!


kclarkadpi - July 4

Oh, yeah, and I've also been having a runny nose, and weirdly waking up around 5 or 6 a.m. (which NEVER happens before my alarm or daughter wakes me up around 8). Still thinking I"m pregnant. (?)


StephanieK - July 5

I took at hpt test the day i was supposed to get my period it was negative. I waited until a week later, took another one and it was bfp. Somtimes it takes longer on some people


lifequest - July 5

I'm hoping that's the case for me too. I actually had some streaks of blood on my tp, yesturday. I did a hpt. and it was negative. I'm going for blood work Thur. I'm experiencing the same syptoms as Kclarkadpi. Insomnia, cold-like syptoms, nausea sometimes. Do you think the blood could of been implantation....and if that's the case could it of been to early to dectect hormones for my hpt? I did it as soon as I saw the streaks of blood. I wonder?


kclarkadpi - July 5

lifequest...I've done tons of reading on this in the past few days, and it seems that in 10% of women, implantation doesn't occur until way late (like 10-15 days after ovulation). It sounds like you're blood might've been implantation. I took another test Tues (I'm a sucker, I know) and it still was negative. But I"m still holding out that in another week it'll be positive. Even after implantation, it can take a while in some women for the HCG levels to get high enough to register. Several websites (including Consumer Reports) have stated that the HPT with best detection sensitivity (sometimes as low as 6.5) is the First Response Early Result. As soon as I confirmed that yesterday, I (of course) immediatley ran out and bought some and took them immediately. Guess I still need to wait. UGH! Wait, wait, wait! It's killing me!!! Keep me posted on what happens with you. And , lots of BABY DUST your way!!!



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