Anyone looking for cycle buddies? TTC in August chapter 4...
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mommy2josh - August 1

Shauna, jus saw your e-mail. So cute. Something about that picture, a small baby in old weathered hands. Sweet.


dmk - August 1

Hi Brooke! I am on 21cd. I believe I am 7dpo... It is really nice having my babies back. Although they have been doing alot of fighting the last couple of days. They go to their Dads again tonight but, only for a couple days. This time it will be nice because dh and I are not getting along right now and we need a night alone. Is your spotting like your normal spotting before af? Is your temp still up? That is so funny bout your son staying asleep after he fell... He must be a hard sleeper. - August 1

hay gurls, im glad u all seem to be happy today katt babe have a nice meal with d/h and mom nothing like getting out with the family i think xx mommyjosh i hate that game lol got the kids psp for xmas they love um !! > bl hope A/f stays away !! shauna> i hope all in ur household gets better soon (((((hugs))))) slowpoke >> good luck with the follies babe xx nb > hope temps turn out to be good ones xxrobyn > good luck with clomid ... i think thats everyone love ya all catch u all tomorrow xx


bl - August 1

Hi dmk, my spotting is a/f spotting i think. When I was preg it was more like brown cm. That's nice that you and dh will have some time alone. Dh was on my nerves over the weekend, I seriously wanted to strangle him. He didn't really do anything! It made me think maybe preg, but I think pms! When I was preg last time, dh annoyed me for the first tri. I actually felt bad, I guess it's just hormones! My temps are still about the same, tomorrow will be a good indicatior, if they drop or go up. Jada, thanks, I hope she stays away too. Thanks for keeping in touch over here too! NB, your temps sound good to me. Mine never get that high! Do all of you want only one more pregnancy? I know one more for me. I'm so tired of the whole process and being a slave to my cycle. I just want to move on with this phase of life and just enjoy my family! Oh that sounded like I'm feling down, I'm actually feeling okay! :)


ROBYN - August 1

Afternoon ladies or shall I good morning for the people like me who just woke up. Midnites is GREAT!!! Anyway started Clomid this morning so off we go. My beta was under 5 so that indicated no pregnancy. The test I used and got a positive on was Clearblue Easy Digital pregnancy test. Which I will never buy again. TANYA With Anthony being home from camp my dad picks him up in the mornings at 1000 am and keeps him till Jason picks him up on the way home from work. My dad is a retired cop about 3 years ago. So I am thankful that he is home to help out. Other than that Anthony will just keep himself busy while I sleep. I am so glad you have the patience to play those games. I absolutely refuse to play the X-box games with Anthony. But he can sit in front of those games for hours. His new obsession is Flight Plane Simulation. He thinks hes flying a plane. Oh if you want to figure out ways to maybe go to the next levels. My son just gave me the website its called It has I think every game on there for your view pleasure LOL Yeah its great my 8 year old knows these things. His uncle told him. Anyway Katt glad your back we have really missed you and glad your doing better. NB temps sound good to me also. Just keep our fingers crossed for you. I forgot when is AF due for you? Jada glad yoiu also stopped by miss you here also. Slow good luck on the Clomid I didnt have any luck on the 50mg. Slow i also understand about the monitoring I have to go back on the 10th for an U/S and estro level check. They already gave me my prescription for the trigger shot. < cmelissa> i also had a lot of symptoms 100mg wasnt that bad. 50mg was a killer and 150mg was tolerable. But this is my 2nd round on the 150mg so we will see for symptoms. Anyway I am sure I have missed some questions in your posts that I didnt answer. I apologize for that. I keep having to scroll up/down at the posts to see what I missed. Anyway will check in later. Gosh I think its almost time to start another new page on this thread its getting long. Luv to all you.


jamie74 - August 1

katt what did you mean by you were coma induced i have my lap on aug 17th im scared please tell me everything you experienced . every detail please if you can i am scared outta my mind did you have th hystroscopy too i have to and a lapo


NB - August 1

Hey girls! I agree with creating one post, what do you think? I counted, and there are 10 girls posting on both sites, and then 10 who are posting on one or the other. What do you guys think? I agree, don't want to stir up anything, but I miss talking to everyone at the same time, and I find myself often cutting and pasting to both threads (kinda like now) and I feel like I am cheating the threads by not always personalizing my posts. Does that make sense? You guys are like family to me, and I hate being seperated! SOO, OK, I am going to do it... I think I am going to combine the two titles and I hope that is alright. As Katt said, we are women and we can be hormonal, that's what brings us together! FEEL FREE TO JOIN ME... "TTC in August through Friendship and Support..." .... I hope this is OK with everyone. I guess I will find out if no one joins me! And I have gotten confused on what Chapter we are on, so I am leaving that off for now, someone can add it next time, get me back on track! :)



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