Anyone looking for cycle buddies? TTC in August chapter 4...
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diem - July 28

Hi everyone,

According to I am currently 9 dpo. It's driving me nuts. I thought I o'd early this month but it turns out that it was probably just a surge and no o. So instead of the 2ww it has been the 3ww as I didn't realize this until late in the game. ARGH! I don't really know you all...but want to wish you the best of luck this month and BABY DUST ALL AROUND!!!!! At least one (if not more) of us has GOT to get lucky in August....who will it be?????


Shauna - July 28

Okay ladies....I just got an email that is so about the way I feel about you all. I need your email addresses tho...I have sent to the ones I already have....So my address [email protected] is a period between my first and last name. Send me your email addy if you want the email....It is really cute. So there you go....I have NBs, Kelley's, Jada's already...but I want all my girls to get this as it really does show how I feel about you and my computer time with you. Love you all.


LeslieK - July 28

Hello everybody: I am getting confused about which thread everyone is one so I'm going to have to post twice I guess until I figure this out. My appointment went well yesterday at the dr. The babies heart rate was 140 and it kept moving around while they were trying to count it! She reviewed my ultrasound results with me and said that everything looks good so far. The only issue was that the baby is in the 95%, which I asked what that means and she said that if it continues at this rate I'm looking at a 10 pound baby!! Well of course I told I don't think I can do a 10 pound baby, so she said we'll do another ultrasound at 32 weeks and assess it from there. It would either mean going to term with a possible c-section or inducing early. I do not want a c-section if I don't have to have one, but was also hoping to go into labor on my own. We do not have big babies in our family, and my dd was only 7lbs.2 oz. so I was hoping it would be like her. My dh's Mom is out of town so I can't ask her what the baby weight it like in their family. My only other issue was that my blood pressure was up a little bit at first. Later when my dr. took it it was down to a normal level. So she wants to keep an eye on it so I'll be coming in every 3 weeks now. I feel fine though, I've only gained 3 pounds so far which I thought was pretty great for 22-23 weeks! I don't feel swollen, but I wonder if it was up because of the heat and with me stressing to get ready to leave on vacation tomorrow. Well, I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on everything and hope for the best. Well I leave tomorrow morning for my trip and I'll try to check in one more time before then but otherwise I'll have to catch up on all of the threads on August 6th!! Hope all continues to go well for everyone and I hope to see a BFP when I come back!! xoxo


mommy2josh - July 29

Hi girls, just caught up on the posts. (((Shauna))), I hope everyone now understands why I dont want to leave the original thread. I too have gone through many before I was made welcome. The girls were great. Na, Jada, Kelley, Rhonda, Nicole M they all made me feel really welcome. So the least we could do is show the same to others who are here for the long run or just visiting. I am honestly interested in everyone's story and can relate to many of them. It makes you feel like you are not the only one who desparately wants something that comes so easily to someone else. Anyway. DMK, that was a great start to the thread :) Hi, Cmellisa. Brooke the temps sound promising :). Leslie, dont worry about the baby. Josh was in the 100 percentile, and he was born at 8lb 8.5oz, 22 inches. He was thin and long :) He still is. Blood pressure on the other hand should be monitored. Make sure you drink lots of water and lay on your left side. Have fun on your trip and come back to us soon. Diem, I am glad that you stopped by, I saw your other thread but did not want to intrude. Stick around, good things are to come soon. I can feel it in my bones. Robyn, do you think it was too early to test? If you will feel any symptoms at all test again :) Shauna my email address is [email protected] Will try to check in later.


mommy2josh - July 29

Katt I hope you are OK. We are anxious to hear about it. Hope your mom and dh are taking good care of you. We miss you and wish you could come back soon. :(


bl - July 29

Good evening everyone. I got the results from the re office and my progesterone was 12.2, which is good and shows that I ov this month. Robyn, that's so much $, but his education is worth it. Public schools are a tricky thing! Leslie, good to hear that you have a healthy baby, I'm sure they'll monitor and not let that little one get too big. 10lbs, ouch!! Have a great vacation. Diem, I'm not sure about that fertility friend, do you chart on paper? Can you tell by that?Thanks for the baby dust:) Hi Tanya, hope you're doing well today. Shauna my email is brooke [email protected] (no space)


mommy2josh - July 29

Good night ladies, Love you all.


bl - July 29

Have a good night Tanya. NB, where are you today? Katt, hope to hear from you soon.


NB - July 29

Hey girls, found you!! Just got back from the mall with ds. God, he was a terror tonight. He is just like jeckyl and hyde! Had a busy afternoon of picking up around the house and doing laundry. <SHAUNA> I haven't had a chance to check my email, but thanks for sending me whatever you did! :) Missed you guys today!!! Sorry didn't have much time to post. I promise, tomorrow morning I will catch up on everything! (((hugs)))


Shauna - July 29

BL>>>> Is brook eden one word???? And if anybody didnt get their email or didnt get the pictures...pls let me know and I will resend it. Love yall


bl - July 29

yes, one word!


Shauna - July 29



Shauna - July 29

On its way to you brook.


ROBYN - July 29

Good evening ladies, ok I am tolally freaking out!!! I decided to take a digial pregnancy test it came back "pregnant". Jason hears me scream oh my god. He looks at it goes I am going to Walmart to go by a whole shit load of tests. Ok.. can these things be wrong?? I used the digital yesterday and it said "not pregnant". So what to you all think??? I am not getting my hopes up.


Shauna - July 29

Robyn...OMG!!! Did you test again after that???? I am so excited...we need another BFP too. Overdue. C U in the morning.


bl - July 29

Holy Crap!! Robyn, girl you are prego!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can't wait to hear the rest in the morning.



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