Anyone Looking for Cycle Buddies....TTC JULY Chapter 1
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Katt - July 5

NICOLEB_ so glad you found us, sorry it has been such a maze. Sometimes I think if we all shared our emails we'd be better suited to let absentees and vacationers know in event of a change or something. HOPE YOU GET A BFP! I keep telling myself that I will clean up daily, maybe if I keep that doubtful, haha. ROBYN_ CONGRATS on the +OPK!! I really don't get the need for clomid for me as I ovulate on my own, granted I may not every month and maybe that's why, dunno I tend to lean towards the uterine lining issue. But I am not the doc and they certainly are sure to point that out, haha. Oh and my ins won't cover fertility injectables so unless absolutely necessary it won't be done. My ON nurse said once the clomid and all that gets going the doc wants to seeme every other day during follicular phase! ($$) Another thunderstorm just started - my poor Sookey went under the bed, lol! Better go console her - fireworks going off now in the midst of all of it. It's gonna be a long night!


NB - July 5

Thanks KATT, I am hoping for a bfp also. I just don't know, all these things are just strange for me... so who knows! I was just soo happy to rush back here and type away! My dh is at a baseball game with my father and my ds has gotten sick with the flu that I am getting over, so it was quiet around here. We were suppose to go see fireworks when dh gets home, but with ds being sick, I don't know. We can see them fine from our backyard, so will prob stay home. I keep checking the post like a mad woman! My refresh button is going to wear out! :)


Katt - July 5

holy hell you'll never guess what i just did - I accidentally saved my new ttc file over the old one!!! Ugh that took days of c/p!!! I emailed a couple of you the Word file, if you still have it could ya email me a copy back so I won't have so much to do??? gggrrh I cant believe I did that! The electric is acting like outage but hasnt gone yet and I was rushing to close the new file. Oh well here's my email [email protected]!


wannabeamom - July 5

Katt I just sent it to you!


NB - July 5

KATT_ what do you do with the saved info? I was thinking about doing that, but haven't had the chance yet... you know, for memories! :) Sorry I can't help yet!


wannabeamom - July 5

NB, sounds like you are on your way to BFPville! I am praying for you. Robin, congrats on your +OPK! NO go BD like your DH is the last man on earth!!! Welcome all the newbies! Does anyone know where Na is? I am going to email her withthe new thread.


wannabeamom - July 5

NB what is your email address. i will send it to you. It will come from [email protected]


NB - July 5

[email protected] thanks!


slowpoke01 - July 5

hey girls just thought i would pop in just got back from the hospital had to take dh's grandma they admitted her she has bronchitis again so they are gonna keep her for a few days wow this thread is getting so long on the clomid thing i ovulate on my own too and they put me on clomid because they wanted to get my progesterone over 15 since it was only 12.1 and the last test it was 25.8 so the clomid worked on getting that up so that may be why they are putting you on clomid just to get your progesterone because it plays a big part in implantation and the uterine lining is what they told me well good nite all it is almost midnight here and i have to get up early in the morning take care all


NB - July 5

Hey girls! Hope everyone is doing good! Well, when I took my temp this morning it was back up to 99! I don't understand what is going on! It has been around the 99's for several days, then dropped around the 98's, one temp even under my coverline, now it is back up again. This bbt process is a confusing learning experience! There are soo many factors to consider! From those of you experienced with the bbt, does this mean anything? hum... hard not to get my hopes up... cd22 today, 9dpo... My cycles are usually 26-28 days... How was everyone's 4th?


kelley32 - July 5

GM .... hope you all had a nice 4th of July. We went shopping yesterday because the weather wasn't that great, but it ended up clearing in the late afternoon so Isabella was able to get some swimming in ... she actually went underwater for the first time!!! We were brimming with pride ... it's so funny that every accomplishment, no matter how small, is such a big deal. We were awakened quite early this morning by the chipmunks ... they are real noisy little things, I never would have thought. Welcome lqtoo and MichelleB, we love when we have newcomers! This is a wonderful thread, and anyone who sticks around quickly figures that out. Robyn, I think it's a great idea about your DH wanting to post ... it will be great to have a man's perspective. Brooke ... I had that weird indigestion, irritated top of the stomach feeling when I got pg in December, and it was before I got my BFP. I'd like to know how Natasha is, too. It's so sad when we lose one of our group, but I understand, she's just started work and is probably very busy. OK, that's it for now, have a great day ... I'll pop in later if I can.


wannabeamom - July 5

GM! Robyn, I also think it would be great for your DH to post. I will periodically read parts of our thread to mine. I do that when I am having a hard time getting out what I am feeling. So I explain it by what my friends are saying. Kelley, I am so excited about Isabella going under water for the 1st time. How great! I hope you wrote it down in your calender! Well I have to get ready for week now. I will check back tonight. Have a great day!


lqtoo - July 5

Wow, this thread is filling up fast! NB, I read somewhere that temping can be tricky...if you have a bad night sleep, or if you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, it will throw your temps off slightly. Maybe that's what is happening? ROBYN, congrats on the positive surge...hopefully this will be the month. To answer your questions about me, I did my first cycle of IUI with Follistum...I was monitered every day with u/s and bloodwork until they administered a shot to stimulate ovulation...then two IUIs the next two days. Now I am on projesterone suppositories until my Beta test. At my clinic, they tend to go a very aggressive route, right from the beginning. They very rarely just prescribe Chlomid and that's it. Just their philosophy I guess. The IUI went very well, but I don't feel pregnant at all. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


NB - July 5

Hey everyone! KELLEY_ I think you might have been responding to me about the indigestion, but you put Brooke, but you could have been responding to Brooke and we have the same issues... Anywho, thanks for the insight! It is really strange, and has been that way for several days now... hum... That is great about Isabella swimming! They are too cute swimming around like little fish! My ds loves to swim! LQTOO_ thanks also about my temping! It is a tricky thing! Luckily, I have been getting up the same time every morning, and nothing has changed with my sleep patterns recently, so who knows! So confusing!


mommywannabe - July 5

I was on the June thread and wanted to say hello to's was the holiday? I am now 2 days late but I don't want to test because I am scared for the BFN. I think I will wait till one week late which will be next Monday.


cmelissa - July 5

Hey Ladies - Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July!!! My husband proposed to me on the 4th 3 years ago!! Anyways I'm completely devastated - AF showed yesterday which was a total surprise since the OPK said I ovualted on cd 22 and then I got my period on cd33, I thought u didn't get AF until 14 days after O?? Anyways I'm so upset b/c I'm going on vacation tomorrow and later inthe month so I will have to try another cycle without meds - which feels like a waste of time to me now. I just want a baby so bad and it makes me so sad that we all have to go through all of this bs to get one - its not fair :(... Anyways I willt ry and check back in later but I;m leaving tomorrow for FL and won't be back until Sunday night. Well I'm cd 2 now so praying that this month will do it! Wannabe have yo uovulated yet or still waiting? DMK - wishing you a BFP!!!! Welcome LQtoo - how long have you been trying!! Glad the IUI went well - baby dust to you!! KATT - gl bding this month!!! Thanks Michelle for the nice gl wishes!! Gl on #2! NB - anything new for you - are you still on the 2ww?? can't beleive how many posts I have to catch up on - I hate missing a few days b/c I'm always so far behind, haha! Well you all enjoy the rest of the day!!! Wishing us all BFP!!!



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