Anyone Looking for Cycle Buddies....TTC JULY Chapter 1
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LeslieK - July 4

Hello everyone! Today is a beautiful day here in Seattle. Already warm this morning...we may have clear skies for once for the fireworks this evening. I've been researching safe insect repellant this morning as when we were out last night on the front lawn talking with the neighbors, my ankles were used as a blood supply for the neighborhood mosquitoes! Anybody have any good suggestions for anything without Deet? I've read that it can cause birth defects. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good. Baby continues to move quite a bit which is fun. Were plugging away at names. I have a couple new girl names going, Natalie or Morgan. I'm thinking of Carter for a boy. Now I just have to convince my dh....I'm sure I will continue to work on this for a while. As far as TTC I have the 12 year age difference going on here for my kids. It will be interesting to see their relationship build over the years. Happy 4th to all of you Americans and have a great day everybody!


MichelleB - July 4

Hello Everyone. Just wanted to say that I have been easedropping on your tread for a few months, and I hope evertime I check that more of you get that positive response! This is month #1 for me, for baby #2. Baby #1 is 10 months and we had no problems trying to conceive, so I guess I shouldnt be on this thread yet, but I do want to wish you all good luck!


ROBYN - July 4

Afternoon ladies, Katt I think your words were very well put. I see a lot has been all ready going on with this new thread. Kelley its good to see your back I have missed your input everyday. Welcome to all newcomers. These girls by far are the best group of women. I feel that I tell you all more than my own girlfriends. Its kinda weird but a good weird. Anyway its CD16 for me still get high surges but waiting the postive OPK. We have been bedding for the past 6 nights straight and this is our O day today or tomorrow so we will keep having fun !!! To all of the newcomers I am TTC#2 I have a just turned 8 year old son from a previous marriage. My new DH and I just got married a month ago. We have been TTC for about a year. I see an RE and go at least 1 or 2 times a week depending on the week what they require. I have been on Clomid 50 mg -150 mg my only problem was not ovulating. I finally did on the this last Clomid cycle of 150. We have had all the necessary testing for infertility and it just lies with me. My periods are pretty much regular at this point they werent for years. So this month is a natural cycle because we just got back on our honeymoon 3 days ago and couldnt go to the RE so pretty much thats a small part of our story. Any Clomid questions I can pretty much answer. Ok ladies my son has called several times he is in Las Vegas his dad is taking him to see David Copperfield tonight. My son loves magic and is SOOOO excited. So I am happy hes having a great time. I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July. I unfortunately have to work tonight the only good thing is we get double time for working holidays. So I just woke up and am going to chill with my DH. Love you guys. I think this new thread will be great. Lets get some BFPs we need some good babydust!!! xoxoxoxoxo


ROBYN - July 4

Hey girls my DH was just asking about all of you and wants to know if you would mind if he posted some of his thoughts to you guys about the TTC issue and with some of the DH's that feel unsure about participating in some of the process. Let me know I dont want to push his thoughts on you guys. He just finds this interesting and wanted to know if you wanted to hear another mans view on this.


lqtoo - July 4

Robyn, what a fantastic idea...I would love to hear some thoughts from the male part of the equation.


Katt - July 4

LESLIE_ YES go to the store and get a small bottle of "Joy" dishsoap and put a few drops on a white plate with some water and watch them die! LoL I went ahead a did an search online to back me up cause it does sound silly...but it works and here are somemore things you can do <
do not remopve the dash before repellent


Katt - July 4

JAMIEsp_ I am hanging in there trying to get my businessplan written ol what a PITA that is! LESLIE_ I like Morgan, it's a good strong name. ANd yes we need lots and lots of positivity in babydust! MICHELLEB_ you are welcome here and before you know it you won't wanna leave! ROBYN_ Heck yah, bring him on...I think it's great he's willing to chat. My dh is sewn up so tight I can't get an opinion on anything, haha. Oh and Thank you for your kind words. I am sure I will have many clomid questions once OB decides to start me though I am wondering if Metaformin would be better as I am insulin resistant but not a diabetic or pcos just plain hypothyroid and prone to the latter. I will ask Alt doc too. My appt is the 26th two days before surgery - he's gonna flip when I tell him I decided to do the lap! Well, back to finishing part one of the plan so I can feed the dog and start the grill! Take care and be safe tonight and always!


ROBYN - July 4

Hey Katt right before I had started all my testing with the RE he originally mentioned the metaforim with clomid but once they saw I wasnt insulin resistant we just went with Clomid and the Ovidrel HCG triggershot. Thanks for letting my DH into some of our very personal stories. Hes not gonna post all the time and butt in to our thread but just wanted to say a few things. Actually hes out right now buying me more OPK's. I think its funny but he doesnt mind hes not embarassed. Welcome < lqtoo> u seem too already fit in with us. Once you get into our thread its hard to leave it becomes so addicting. We love to get to know new people when they join. So stick around for a while and enjoy a lot of reading.<lqtoo > how was the IUI are u doing any other meds with that? If so when was the decision to go the IUI route and how much do your chances increase doing the IUI? I'm curious because I know that if nothing happens this month that I'm sure my RE might want to take a more agressive route. They say with Clomid that usually by the 3rd month or so you get preggo. I'm gonna start round 4 and then we do the HCG trigger shot after an U/S to see if the follies have matured to be triggered for ovulation. if I dont get preggo this time around which is a natural cycle. Anyway I will check back in a little while.


ROBYN - July 4

Im sooo excited i just got my positive surge on my OPK kit. It was high fertility this morning and now positive which coincides with my chart thats says today was the O day. So I am keepig my fingers crossed this month. Just wanted to share it.


manyika - July 4

Hi Robyn, I've been on Clomid 50 mg on cd 5-9 for the last three months. I did IUI with cycle 1 & 2 but on the third, I still have not surged and it's already my cd22. Went to the clinic yesterday to have u/s done and the follies seen on cd15 got even smaller. The nurse told me that I must have missed the surge. How can that happen when I've checked since cd12. I gave up using the opks this cycle but had a progesterone level test yesterday just to check if I did miss my ovulation. Did you have the Ovidrel shot with each of your Clomid cycles?


NB - July 4

Hey Girls! I found you, although it was difficult, and I think I have a lot to catch up on! I've missed not having a computer to keep in touch! I wanted to post really quick and then go back and read all the other posts! I am cd21 and 8dpo... and I have had some out of the ordinary things for me happening! These could all be in my head, be due to my cold, or be due to the wine I have been drinking the past several days while away! I have had an increased appetite, back ache, heartburn but at the center of my stomach, like indigestion- very strange. But, I have also had af like cramps and my temps the past couple of days have dropped.... It has been odd! Well, I missed you guys! Let me go read the other posts and I will be back!


ROBYN - July 4

Hi manyika My RE has me go on CD2 to him they do an U/S to see if the lining is good and to make sure no hypertstimulation from the Clomid. Then on days 3-7 i do Clomid go back on CD12 for another U/S and estro level check. Then go back then next day again for another U/S to see if any follies they found got bigger which they usually get 2mm bigger from the night before. then they decide when to trigger,which is usually the night of the 2nd U/S I do the shot in my stomach between 7pm-9pm. Then its timed intercourse for the next 3 days. On CD21 I go in for my progesterone level and estro check to see if I have ovulated. Then its the waiting game. I have used Ovidrel with each cycle. They seem to think thats what I need for the xtra boost. But my progesterone levels were low every month except for last month they were above 10 which is what they want to see for ovulation. Also my Clomid cycle was 150mg which I believe was the dosage I needed. How many times do they do anU/S to see your follies like I said i go 2x before ovulation then again at CD21 for the blood work. My cycles are 29-30 days. They usually start my OPK's on CD10. But like I keep saying this month is natural cycle cause were werent home to go the RE and its weird cause everything is falling into place at the exact time it should. I have 2 ovulation kits. One is the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor that I have been using since January and the other is the Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Kit. Which tonight gave me my positive surge and my monitor showed high fertility this morning.Which I what my charts show as the "O" day. So when u say youve checked since CD12 is that thru OPK or are they doing the U/S on you? Are your cycles regular? and are you seeing an RE or just and OB they are very different in how they treat the infertility process. Sorry for the very long story!!


ROBYN - July 4

HI NB glad u found us. You have a lot of reading to catch up on.


NB - July 4

Okie dokie, this could get long! Soo much to catch up on! KATT_ Glad DH is still happy! BL_ I am having the same probs, about ttc, and having no probs 3 years ago with ds. I don't get it. I blame it on the depo shot because nothing else is different, but who knows... :) WANNABEAMOM_ sorry about your terrible dream, that is really strange. JAMIE74_ Happy (belated) anniversary! MOMMY2JOSH_ sorry about af, that definately doesn't sound normal. That doc is an ass. And, I agree about Cheri, I wouldn't pay her, I just thought it might be fun. I haven't had a chance to check my email to see if she wrote back... KATT_ I HATE cleaning also! I always wait until I have to and then it takes forever, and then I yell at myself for letting it get that way... terrible cycle! Welcome MANYIKA! SLOWPOKE_ Sorry dh was/is being an ass. ROBYN_ I use "my monthly cycles" also! I have been tracking af on there for over a year because it was soo all over the place for a while, I couldn't keep track myself! I am sorry you had a tough time when ds left. You are a mom, and that is what we do, we worry. Nothing wrong with that! I understand about inlaws.... ((((hugs)))) I am glad ds is having a great time! SHAUNA_ I was wondering the same thing about alcohol and temps, bec I did drink a fair share of wine this weekend, and my temps dropped a great deal the past couple of days... hum... Welcome PM1307! CMELISSA_ how is your 2ww going since we are on a similar cycle? DMK_ I think I am on 8dpo also! Welcome LQTOO! If I missed anyone, I am sorry! There was soo much to catch up on, but I am glad to be back! :) Great new post name, I like it! I missed you girls!


NB - July 5

Oops! Forgot to include these things in my list of weird things happening..... waking up with night sweats and having hot flashes during the day, and today, my boobs are very hot to the touch (sorry tmi!)... what is going on?! These are things I never experience! I am always the one with sweatpants and a sweatshirt on because I am cold! If I could walk around naked right now, I would! (wouldn't that be a site!) hee hee wtf?!?


Katt - July 5

NICOLEB_ so glad you found us, sorry it has been such a maze. Sometimes I think if we all shared our emails we'd be better suited to let absentees and vacationers know in event of a change or something. HOPE YOU GET A BFP! I keep telling myself that I will clean up daily, maybe if I keep that doubtful, haha. ROBYN_ CONGRATS on the +OPK!! I really don't get the need for clomid for me as I ovulate on my own, granted I may not every month and maybe that's why, dunno I tend to lean towards the uterine lining issue. But I am not the doc and they certainly are sure to point that out, haha. Oh and my ins won't cover fertility injectables so unless absolutely necessary it won't be done. My ON nurse said once the clomid and all that gets going the doc wants to seeme every other day during follicular phase! ($$) Another thunderstorm just started - my poor Sookey went under the bed, lol! Better go console her - fireworks going off now in the midst of all of it. It's gonna be a long night!



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