Anyone Looking for Cycle Buddies....TTC JULY Chapter 1
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Katt - July 4

Good Morning EVERYONE and Happy Independance Day! Welcomes to all classics and newcomers! Our thread has been around for going on 5 or 6 months and is about trust, kindness, sharing, love and above all - respect. We welcome everyone with open arms and hope that everyone can feel comfortable within our environment. If not, please say so so we can make every effort to help;) We wish to start July off a bit different and ask that everyone please remember that even though this is our retreat, our solice, our ventilation we should keep The Golden Rule in practice. Okay enough of all that mush...I am going to sleep now as my dh thinks I am obsessed, LOL. Goodnight and Goodluck - BABYDUST, HUGS, KISSES and CHEERS!


Tammy276 - July 4

It is funny that you say your dh says you are obsessed, mine said the same thing to me tonight! I think he is feeling neglected. He'l like "Maybe you need professional help to get off of that thing, you spend more time on there than you do with me." Whatever. I need somewhere to vent since how he just doesn't get it when I try talking to him. However, I need to go to bed too, my hubby is directing traffic early in the morning for the 4th of July parade, so my son and I are going to go down there and visit with him for a while. And since how my boy will be up in 6 hours, I should get some shut eye. Good night!


slowpoke01 - July 4

hey Katt i like the new name you girls decided on it is 12:30 i should be in bed but i cant sleep the past 3 nights i have been up until 3 am cleaning house i have been playing games on pogo tonight that is one of my stress relivers lol anyway i thought that i would pop in and see what was new and i saw that you girls had changed names i really like it welcome to all the new comers and good luck to each of you there is nothing new with me (((kelley)))the doctor did explain that the iui might not work the first time but dh hasnt went to any of the doctors appointments so he didnt hear any of it and i tried to explain it to him and thats when he said it was a lost cause and a waste of money i am not blaming him for anything he is blaming i think that he at least owes me an apology because i told him that i wasnt pregnant and he wouldnt listen to me but enough about that is there anyone getting close to testing? if so i hope that you get a bfp and to all the girls that are waiting on those opk's hope that you get a surge soon so that you can start ttc in i will let you girls go cause i know that you all are busy and you dont want to be here all day reading my luck all


LeslieK - July 4

What a welcoming title. I look forward to continuing to hear from everybody and sharing this journey with anyone who needs a listening ear. Goodnight.


wannabeamom - July 4

Katt, that is very nice what you said! Thank you for starting a new thread. I am cd 18, Nothing to report. Happy 4th of July! I will check back later.


kelley32 - July 4

Katt, you are wonderful, and our new title is wonderful. I LOVE what you said, it is very warm and welcoming ... I also think it is very fitting that Tammy was the first to post after you :-) ... Tammy, I also had a difficult time TTC my 2nd, but you've got a head-start over me, I waited until my daughter was almost 3 before we started TTC, and now she'll be 4 when this baby is born, I sort of regret waiting so long, looking back now, I would have liked them to be closer in age ... oh well, hindsight is always 20/20, right? My DH also doesn't understand the ties that I have to these women, and the closeness that we share, but he just smiles and shrugs his shoulders, but never gives me a hard time about it, at least. Leslie, how are you doing? Christine, you too ... bellyrubs to both of you. Well, gotta run for now, we are trying to decided what to do today, oh, the tribulations of being on vacation!!! ;-0 Will check back in later. XXOO


dmk - July 4

Good Morning everyone! Happy 4th!!! Hope everyone enjoys their famlies today! I'm really happy to have a new thread... thank you Katt for being so sweet... You are very good with words! Well Ladies today I am on 8dpo. 6 more days.... I'm driving myself crazy! I have been having a ton of cramping and a runny nose... I keep feeling my boobs every min to make sure they don't start hurting... They ALWAYS hurt right before my af starts. Usually a week before. When I was pg they hurt after I was late... Well, we will see... I will try and remain positive... Hope everyone else that is in their 2ww is doing great!!! Babydust to ALL of YOU!!!!!!!!!


lqtoo - July 4

Hi ladies, I'd like to join in too! I just did my first IUI this weekend, and am now waiting for the dreaded tww to pass. The procedure went well, and aside from some ovulation cramping, I feel great. I guess any symptoms won't happen for at least another week. It sounds like everyone is super-in-tune with their bodies....I tend to be oblivious to everything unless I am in pain, so I hope I don't miss anything! Good luck to you all!


Katt - July 4

WELCOMES to lqtoo!! Hey, lqtoo, would you care to type out your name in caps, I am not sure if the letter before your 'q' is and L or and I? When I answer people I like to CAPS their name so it's an easy find -Thanks! Getting in tune with your body can take you chart? That may help alot in body-telling. TAMMY_ After I released my grip from the PC dh went to the bar to play darts! Go figure. I set up his laptop downstairs and he has that + the 42" TV! So, I told him last night he really doesn't have that much room to talk, LOL - What is it about relationships that we come to a point where segregation is a must, haha! I agree with you JAMIEsp_ about your dh - do you think u can get him to go to the next round of appts?? KELLEY_ thank you for your kind words and your inspriation for my 1st entry from your last one;) brb need to post a brainstormer, may take a few. cyas in a sec


lqtoo - July 4

Hey, the name is actually LQTOO, and this is because one of the other ladies on this forum named LifeQuest goes to the same clinic as me (small world). I don't chart actually, just because if I did I would start obsessing even more than I already am (tee hee).


Katt - July 4

I am cd11 and near OV I suppose, I am not using opks and only taking temps M-F since not ttc this month. I told dh that if we did get pg I wouldn't have to do the surgery!? lol we'll see. Anyhoo I went all the way back to Sept05 with my cycles (sept was the month of daily excrusiating PAIN - missed 3 days of work!) So I started Levoxyl (thyroid hormone) around thanksgiving and no pain and normal cycles for 2 months! including the month I started progesterone cream. All the spotting started in March, hence the reason I sought this website I found you girls- I thought I was pg, anyway I spotted like mad for days and af was different; then April was good, May want ok as the pain crept back in and then we have last seems the spotting etc reoccur every other month, is this a sign of endo? I thought endo was a monthly occurance? Maybe my uterus is not accepting eggs like Brooke the months with spotting reflect perfect timing on bd's AHH but I read that w/h from bd for a male is BAD NEWS...more stusies have shown that abstaining for plenty can cause those little swimmers to become "stale" and less motile, etc. HMM? Science also says that it takes about a day or so to replenish the loss. I am confused...better figureit out for next ttc month. I am a bit scared of clomid though - I am moody enough! Add that sh*t and I might go postal,lol!


Katt - July 4

LQTOO_ Thanks! That makes sense, but it can be very helpful in fertiltiy and helping you to describe things to your OB/RE. You don't have chart everything if you don't want to, some of us girls don't temp and use opks etc...have you read TakingCharge of Your Fertility?


Katt - July 4

DMK_ AF AWAY!!!!!!!!


bl - July 4

Happy 4th!! Katt you're such a sweetie, the opening on the thread is wonderful :) I think af is here today, 2 days early. I'm actually happy it's here. I'm just ready for a new month. I'm going to call re tomorrow and start setting up testing for dh and myself. Welcome LQ. Kelley, I know what you mean about waiting for the second baby. My son is 2 1/2 and who knows when he'll have a sibling. Who knew it would be so difficult the second time around. Tammy, dh probably thinks I need some kind of "help" too. Although, I think he would be scared to tell me at this point. I might scratch his eyes out.!LOL


Shauna - July 4

Hello ladies, how is everyone today? Well I have just finished reading to 'old' thread.... I am glad that you guys have moved on. Glad TAMMY's talkin' welcome. Well the foods here for our lunch so should go feed the kids. Love and babydust to you all.


slowpoke01 - July 4

KATT-hey how are you doing no dh wont go to any appointments he is just like his dad he is stubborn and hardheaded which is fine i dont mind having to go without him. i still havent called the doc yet and told them because i figured they would be closed my sister thinks it is funny cause i told her if i got pregnant and went into labor i would have to drive myself to the hospital because dh would be drinking and i wouldnt let him drive..not that i have to worry about that right glad that you girls are doing good good luck to all in the 2ww and to those waiting on +opk's also welcome to all the newbies you have a group of really great girls to talk to and to get advice from you all take care and have a great 4th Katt i also loved the card you sent me thanks alot


LeslieK - July 4

Hello everyone! Today is a beautiful day here in Seattle. Already warm this morning...we may have clear skies for once for the fireworks this evening. I've been researching safe insect repellant this morning as when we were out last night on the front lawn talking with the neighbors, my ankles were used as a blood supply for the neighborhood mosquitoes! Anybody have any good suggestions for anything without Deet? I've read that it can cause birth defects. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good. Baby continues to move quite a bit which is fun. Were plugging away at names. I have a couple new girl names going, Natalie or Morgan. I'm thinking of Carter for a boy. Now I just have to convince my dh....I'm sure I will continue to work on this for a while. As far as TTC I have the 12 year age difference going on here for my kids. It will be interesting to see their relationship build over the years. Happy 4th to all of you Americans and have a great day everybody!



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